To Find Lost Souls
Spell Information

Sends you to the moment where souls became lost


Drake dè Mon and Phoebe Halliwell


The spell To Find Lost Souls was used as a sort of astral projection for the user to find lost souls.


Drake dè Mon and Phoebe Halliwell used this spell in the hopes of finding the lost souls that died in a deadly fire at Cabaret Fantome, one of the biggest and most corrupt club in San Francisco, in 1899.

The club owner, Count Roget, had made a deal with the demonic soul trader Sargon. The club burned to the ground, trapping all those inside in a time loop where they relived the day of the fire each day.[1]

The SpellEdit


Drake with the spell.

Free our souls from their shells,
see where the lost spirits dwell.
Long enough to find their pain,
quick enough to return again.


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