To Extract Knowledge
Spell Information

To extract knowledge for safekeeping


The Warren Line


Rosemary, silver shears, pomegranate, cool spring water, amethysts and moonstones


Good Magic


To Extract Knowledge is a ritual written in the Warren Book of Shadows.


Prue and Piper Halliwell once considered using this spell to extract the knowledge of Eric Bragg, an innocent being hunted by the Collectors for his knowledge concerning the location of the Akashic Records. However, they never used the spell.[1]



Scan of the page from the Book of Shadows

(Book of Shadows text:)

To Extract KnowledgeEdit

Crush fresh rosemary which
has been cut with silver shears.
Mix with the juice of a pomegranate
and cool spring water.
Warm the mixture,
then rub it into your hands.
Then place your hands on the forehead of the one
who must release the information and recite...
Elixir for remembrance
Releases when warmed by fire.
Put into safe keeping
The knowledge I desire.
You then must rub your hands with amethysts
and moonstones to remove the elixir and
to transfer the information to the stones for safe keeping.


  • A scan of the page was made when the stand in-book, containing information from the first three seasons, was sold at an auction.


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