To Erase Painful Memories
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To erase painful memories


The Warren Line


Billie Jenkins


Good Magic


To Erase Painful Memories is a spell in the Warren Book of Shadows which allows witches to erase memories from their mind which are painful to them.


While searching for the Dogan, Billie entered Magic School. Once she saw the masked demon, it triggered a repressed memory of the night her sister was taken. Billie froze and dropped the potions, after which she quickly fled.

To make sure she would not freeze again, Billie found this spell in the Book of Shadows and cast it. She saw a flash of the kidnapping and then confronted the Dogan again. However, she still froze and ran away. She then cast the spell again, though it still did not work. Ultimately, the Charmed Ones discovered what was happening and talked to Billie. When the Dogan took her Magic School, she managed to overcome her fear and vanquished him.[1]

Book of ShadowsEdit

To Erase Painful Memories
After this cruel memory
is seen and said
Erase these thoughts
from my
Heart and my head.


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