To Draw a Love - To Drive Away a Love
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The Warren Line (before 1924)


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To Draw a Love and To Drive Away a Love are spells written in the Halliwell Book of Shadows.

Book of ShadowsEdit


In the season 1 episode The Witch is Back, the entry is pretended to be the entry on Melinda Warren's warlock curse.

To draw a love
Place heated spices in a
velvet bag with a record
of your ideal desired.
As the bag heats
chant three times
I Conjure thee, I Conjure thee,
I'm the Queen, you're the Bee
As I desire, so shall it be.

To drive away a love
Place the despised Lover's name
in the spiced velvet bag.
As the bag heats
chant three times
Be it shall so desire I
As Bee the you're
Queen the I'm
Thee conjure I, Thee conjure I

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • This spell is presumably a filler page, as the spell is exactly the same as the Love Spell and Piper referred to it as a spell To Increase Patience.
  • In 1924 P. Russell confronts a little girl, Christina Larson, with a fortune teller and starting to cast a spell. She scolds Christina and smashes her favorite porcelain doll, which was based on the book, open to this spell.

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