To Create a Mate
Spell Information

To turn animals into a mate for twenty-four hours


Phoebe Halliwell




A pentagram drawn on the floor surrounded by five candles


Good Magic


To Create a Mate is a spell created by Phoebe Halliwell based on a fake spell written in a Love Spells book her college friends bought. It allows the caster to turn an animal into a man for twenty-four hours.



The book of spells.

On the day before Valentine's Day in 2000, three college friends of Phoebe Halliwell, Tessa, Andrea and Brooke, wanted to use this spell for fun. Phoebe overheard them talking and pointed out several things wrong with it, before rewording the spell. That evening, the college girls tried the spell on a snake, a rabbit and a pig, but it did not work. However, Andrea had recording Phoebe's version and played it. The room was then filled with light and smoke and the animals were turned into men.[1]

The SpellEdit

The Original SpellEdit

From strike of twelve count twenty-four,
That's how long the spell is for,
Turn these gifts into a mate,
And then my lonely heart abate

Phoebe's VersionEdit

From strike of twelve count twenty-four,
That's how long the spell is for
If to abate my lonely heart,
Enchant these gifts I thee impart.


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