To Change One's Appearance
Spell Information

Creates a permanent appearance the user wishes for the world to see, except for family members.


The Warren Line


Think of a new appearance.


Good Magic


To Change One's Appearance is a spell that allows witches to take on a new appearance, similar to a magical glamour.


Charmed Prev 1 3

The results of Jessalyn's spell.

The Charmed Ones and Leo Wyatt used this spell after they faked their deaths to live demon-free lives.[1] It created a new appearance for each of them to the outside world, but not to those they considered family. After several months of living as their new aliases, the sisters reversed the spell and returned to their old lives.[2]

Some time later, the spell was added to the Book of Shadows. When Paige brought the book to Magic School and showed it to some students, a girl named Jessalyn cast this spell. It backfired and turned her into an enormous monster. She was later returned to normal by Paige and Leo.[3]

The SpellEdit

To Change One's AppearanceEdit

I call upon the Ancient powers,
To mask us now and in future hours,
Hide us well and thoroughly.
But not from those we call family.

Reversal SpellEdit

I call upon the ancient powers
To unmask us now and in future hours
Show us well and thoroughly
Reveal ourselves so the world can see.

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