To Call a Lover to Oneself was a dark spell created by the Evil Enchantress to summon and seduce her prince. Paige Matthews, the future reincarnation of the Enchantress, created a reversal spell that allowed her to travel through time and reach the Prince.


On the night before the wedding of the Prince and Lady Julia, when the stars were aligned, the Evil Enchantress summoned the lady and proceeded to trap her in a cell. She then cut off a lock of her hair for her potion. When the prince came looking for his lady, the Enchantress used the potion in combination with the spell to seduce him. However, before they could conceive an heir to ensure the kingdom would be hers forever, the Prince was accidentally summoned to the future by Paige Matthews.

When the Evil Enchantress arrived in the future to take back her prince, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell followed her back to the past. However, the portal closed, leaving Paige and Leo in the present. Paige then reworded the spell to take her to the Prince, which opened another portal.[1]

The Spell

To Call Oneself to a Lover

To Call a Lover to Oneself

Bring together
my Prince and Me.
Let him fall on
bended knee.
I summon him
to my side
That he may take me
to be his destined Bride.

To Call Oneself to a Lover

Bring together my Prince and me.
The kingdom now I wish to see.
Crossing history to his side,
from myself I will not hide.