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To Call Blood to Blood
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The Warren Line


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To Call Blood to Blood is a spell written in the Warren Book of Shadows. It allows Witches to summon their ancestors or long lost relatives.


In 1998, the Charmed Ones used this spell to summon their ancestor Melinda Warren to help them defeat a powerful warlock from her past. ("The Witch is Back")

Three years later, a distraught Piper Halliwell cast the spell (as part of the "To Call a Lost Witch" spell, in hopes of reviving her recently deceased sister, though the spell actually guided her half-sister Paige Matthews to them. ("Charmed Again, Part 1")

Some years later, Phoebe Halliwell attempted to use this spell to summon the mate Neena, the first witch, from another plane. However, the spell did not work and the after effects nearly caused the attic to be destroyed. ("Three Little Wiccans")

The SpellEdit


The page seen in Hell Hath No Fury, covered with post-its


The scan of the page from the Book of Shadows

3 sprigs Rosemary for remembrance
2 tablespoons chopped Ground Holly
for spirit calling
A pinch of Cypress for longevity
1 shredded Yarrow Root
for contacting relatives
Let the herbs be prepared while the name of
the love one is repeated by the preparer.
Place the herbs in a silver bowl.
Lay in a treasure of the loved one,
should one be available.
With a knife, prick the left finger,
so the blood will flow straight from the heart.
Add the blood to the bowl, calling the name
of the loved one and saying, "Blood of our
blood, we summon thee." The loved one
will be summoned in full wholeness and
freshness of life.

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