Piper BrushTroubles3
To Brush Away Your Troubles
Spell Information

Banishes bad luck.


The Warren Line


Piper Halliwell


Ignite a Sage Stick upon reciting the spell and symbolically brush away troubles with stick, waving it back and forth.


Good Magic

"You have to cover your mouth when you yawn or you might let the Devil in."
Piper Halliwell expressing her belief in superstition.[src]

To Brush Away Your Troubles is a spell written in the Book of Shadows. Fearing the bad luck associated with Friday the 13th, Piper Halliwell cast this spell in an attempt to banish any misfortune that may come her way.


In 1999, while holding a superstition-themed fundraiser at Quake, Piper was weary of the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th. Piper believed it was a day where anything bad that could happen, would happen, as it was the day she had met Jeremy Burns. For this reason, Piper brought various charms and artifacts said to bring good luck to Quake with her.

After Prue knocked over some salt, Piper cut her finger slicing vegetables, ripped her skirt and crossed paths with a woman dressed as a black cat. In an attempt to solve her misfortune, Piper went into the kitchen and cast this spell with a lit Sage Stick. However, the smoke triggered the smoke detector. Trying to avoid being questioned by her staff, Piper dipped the stick in a pot of boiling water, scalding her fingers[1].

The SpellEdit

With a sage stick lit and in hand, chant the spell.
As you wave the stick symbolically brushing bad luck.
Sage so fair
From far and wide
Take my troubles
And brush them aside.



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