To Banish the Hollow
Spell Information

A spell to banish The Hollow


Penny, Patty and Piper Halliwell


Good Magic


To Banish the Hollow is a spell specifically written to remove the Hollow from the ones it has possessed.

At first, it was thought that Good and Evil both had to come together and return The Hollow back to its tomb.[1] However, three generations of Halliwells, Penny, Patty and Piper Halliwell, were able to send it back to The Ancient Burial Ground with this spell.[2]


Iam Is Addo
Hic Is Addo
Malum Quod Bonus
Vox In Conssesus
Super Dico Nos


  1. As mentioned by The Seer in "Charmed and Dangerous"
  2. As seen in "Forever Charmed"

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