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Tina Hitchens
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The Devil's Music

Portrayed By

Alexandra Picatto

"Man, I can’t believe this. This is like the most unbelievable thing that has ever happened to me."
—Tina to Jeff Carlton.[src]

Tina Hitchens was a young mortal woman and one of the victims of the demon Masselin.


Tina was a fan of the band Dishwalla and went to see them at a club. Once there, she met Jeff Carlton, the manager of the band, who promised to arrange a meeting. However, he instead lured her backstage to be devoured by the demon Masselin, whom Carlton had made a deal with for success and riches. She was later freed when the Charmed Ones vanquished Masselin and her memories were erased by Leo Wyatt.


Tina Hitchens appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 2
The Devil's Music

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