The Timeline is a series of chronological events that occur in the Charmed universe.

Ancient TimesEdit

Ancient EgyptEdit


Ancient GreeceEdit


  • Before or around the year zero, the Bladesmith family forges the Empyreal Sword on request of the Elders. The Elders debate whether Whitelighters should be guides or warriors and the sword is locked in a vault in the Heavens.[10]

Early CenturiesEdit

5th/6th CenturyEdit

7th CenturyEdit

  • 699: Barbas returns to earth and attempts to kill thirteen unmarried witches on Friday the 13th to break the cycle he is trapped in, though he fails.[14]

11th CenturyEdit

12th CenturyEdit

14th CenturyEdit

  • Between 1346 and 1353: Zankou plays a part in the spread of the Black Plague.

16th CenturyEdit

17th CenturyEdit

18th CenturyEdit

19th CenturyEdit

Modern TimesEdit

20th CenturyEdit

21st CenturyEdit


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