A time loop is a period of time which infinitely repeats itself until an event occurs that ends the loop. Time Loops can continue forever with those trapped inside not aging and not noticing the repeat pattern. However, the person who created or caused the loop will be aware.

Beings with psychic powers, such as precognitive witches, are sensitive to Time Loops, and are likely to become aware of a loop. This awareness usually results in a Déjà Vu-effect where they recognize the pattern.

The demonic sorcerer Tempus had the power of Chronokinesis, allowing him to manipulate time and create Time Loops. Presumably all beings who possess Chronokinesis could potentially create loops. A great injustice can also cause a Time Loop, where good souls can remain trapped due to an evil soul. If all souls within the loop are unaware of its presence, an outside third party will be needed to break the loop in order to change the events of the loop and correct the injustice.


The First LoopEdit

The first Time Loop was created by the demonic sorcerer Tempus, who was sent to assist a demon posing as Inspector Rodriguez in killing the Charmed Ones. Tempus rewound the day each time the demon failed. Fortunately, Phoebe was able to sense the time loop with her Premonition power, remembering quicker with each loop. She and her sisters eventually cast a spell to accelerate time to break the time loop.[1]

The Second LoopEdit

Whilst visiting an old wild western town, the ghost of a psychic native American called Bo Lightfeather came in contact with Phoebe, creating a Psychic Echo between them. Phoebe soon received a premonition of Bo's execution by Sutter. Prue and Cole realized Bo was stuck inside a Time Loop as a result of a great injustice and entered the Time Loop. They were able to convince the townspeople to stand up to the tyrannical Sutter and save Bo, therefore ending the Time Loop and saving him and Phoebe from dying.[2]

The Third LoopEdit

A corrupt club owner from the 1890's, Count Roget, had made a Faustian Deal with the demon Sargon. A fire then killed all of the innocents inside. The Time Loop forced the innocents to relive the fire each day for over a hundred years due to the great injustice. The presence of an evil soul kept all the other souls from moving on. One soul escaped and possessed a friend of Darryl Morris, who warned the sisters. Phoebe and Drake dè Mon then projected their souls into the Time Loop to try to save the souls trapped. Eventually the truth about Count Roget was revealed and he was vanquished, allowing the innocent souls to move on to the afterlife.[3]


(Book of Shadows text:)

Time LoopsEdit


Time Loops in the Book

A Time Loop is a period of time that repeats itself over
and over again ad infinitum. Sometimes a Loop is
localized to a specfic plane or ground, but at other
times a Loop's effects can be felt globally. A few magical
beings are powerful enough to create Time Loops such as
Tempus, the Devil's Sorcerer. But the causes of a Loop can
also be more Cosmic. For example, certain spiritual
traditions believe that a great Evil or great injustice can be
cursed into a Time Loop until righted. Once the evil has been
eliminated or the injustice has been corrected, Time will
stop repeating itself and again move forward for those who
were trapped in the Loop.


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