Tim Cross 2
Tim Cross
Biographical information

October 2005; Berkeley University

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Skin color


Magical characteristics
Active powers

Super Strength


Student at Berkeley University

Character information
Only appearance

Death Becomes Them

Portrayed By

Colin Egglesfield

" I died because of you. Now I'm gonna make you pay!"
—Tim to Phoebe.[src]

Tim Cross was a classmate of Phoebe Halliwell's who was brutally murdered by a Raptor Demon and resurrected and manipulated by an Alchemist.


Tim was helping Phoebe change a flat tire on her car when a Raptor Demon appeared. The two were talking and Tim mentioned that he ditched class to help Phoebe, hinting that he liked her. With its power of Hyper Speed, the Raptor then suddenly appeared beside Tim and gashed him across the face with his knife-like weapon.

The brutal murder served a greater purpose, the demon Zankou plotted to use Tim in a twisted plot to weaken the Charmed Ones' confidence in themselves, in The Power of Three and in their powers in an attempt to further weaken the bond the sisters have with the Book of Shadows so that he could steal the Book and use it for his own gain.

Zankou and an Alchemist then revived Tim, causing him to become Undead and then sent him after Phoebe. While sleeping, Phoebe awoke to Tim lying beside her. Tim attacked Phoebe, shoving her up against the wall and blaming her for his death. Zankou used Tim to make Phoebe believe that he was only murdered for knowing Phoebe.

After the attack, Phoebe's sister Piper believed that Tim may have been a Witch or another magical being due to the demonic attack. Ultimately however, Piper was forced to vanquish Tim after Zankou and the Alchemist revived other victims the Charmed Ones knew. Tim and the other Undead beings were too strong for the sisters to fend off without their magic forcing Piper to use her power of Molecular Combustion to blow Tim up.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the Undead
  • Super Strength: The ability to have and exert a level of physical strength much greater than that of a normal person. While undead, Tim was able to easily throw Phoebe across a room.



Tim Cross appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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