Thought Projection Kevin
Thought Projection
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The ability to bring one's imaginings to life.


Drawing, Imagination




Supportive Power

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Thought Projection is an extremely rare and powerful ability to alter reality through one's imagination, and is hence related to Projection. Amongst other thing, possessors can also use this ability to grant any number of powers to another being. The degree of permanence these changes to reality have is unknown. Thought Projection is an extremely coveted power.


Kevin, a witch who later became an Elder, possessed the ability to project his drawings into reality. With this ability Kevin was able to bring a tiger to life and turn himself, Arnon and the Charmed Ones into Superheroes. This ability can also grant someone powers, such as when the Charmed Ones became superheroes. They were nearly invincible, having the powers of Super Strength, Hyper Speed and Enhanced Senses. To reverse the effects of Kevin's power, someone had to tear up the drawing that he used to bring his creations to life.

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