The Seer's Cage
Artifact Information

An indestructable cage to hold powerful magical beings


Used to cage the Tall Man


The Seer


Power Containment

"This cage is magic-proof."

This Magical Cage was an indestructible prison forged by the Seer. It was designed so no magic could ever escape it, but magic could enter it. The cage was forged to imprison even the most powerful magical beings.


Centuries ago, the Source of All Evil felt threatened by a demon known as the Tall Man, but was unable to vanquish him. In order to secure his position as leader of the Underworld, he ordered the Seer to forge a cage powerful enough to hold the Tall Man for all eternity.

The Seer freed the Tall Man after the Source was vanquished in order to obtain Phoebe Halliwell's unborn child. The Tall man was meant to teleport Phoebe into the cage, but instead trapped Paige Matthews. When her unborn child took control of Phoebe, it teleported her to the Underworld, where the Seer took the child from her and locked her in the cage as well.

As the Seer prepared her coronation, Phoebe and Paige summoned Piper to the cage. When the Seer tried to kill them with the child's power, the Charmed Ones protected themselves with the Power of Three Spell. The Seer was then overwhelmed by the child's power and vanquished herself and all demons present. The resulting explosion also rendered the cage powerless, and Piper easily opened it with a kick.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Power Containment: The ability to contain magical powers. The cage was built to trap magical beings. Anyone who tries to use magic inside it will find their powers bounced off.