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The Power of Four
Collective Power Information

The collective magic of any two Charmed Ones and their evil counterparts


Used to harm Gideon


The Power of Four is the collective powers of Paige, Phoebe and their evil counterparts from the alternate universe, and is shown to be weaker than the Power of Three.


The Power of Four was only mentioned once in the series in Season 6, in the episode It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, where in an alternate universe Phoebe and Paige had to team up with their evil counterparts in order to stop Gideon from killing Wyatt Halliwell.

In the Season 9 comics, The Heavens Can Wait, Family Shatters, and Four's Company, it is stated that The Power of Four (as in all four Halliwell sisters) cannot exist. Melinda Warren didn't foresee a Power of Four; Prue and Paige share one of Melinda's powers and Piper and Phoebe have the other two. If the four Halliwell sisters were ever to be together, it would not make them stronger; instead it would weaken the power of the Charmed Ones.

Prue Halliwell finally returns from the dead and is reunited with her three younger sisters, but their reunion turned out to be a bittersweet one as Prue ended up having to strip her own powers as having the four sisters connected caused cataclysmic results due to the prophecy only referring to three sisters and not four.


The Power of Four SpellEdit

Gideon-Charmed ones Hurt gideon

A spell that was meant to kill, but only caused harm.

The sisters and their parallel selves create the following spell, invoking the Power of Four to destroy Gideon.

We call upon the Ancient Lore
To punish with the Power of Four,
Strike down this threat from both there and here,
Make him suffer, then disappear.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The Power of Four concept as addressed in season 9 was originally created by fans of Charmed, hoping that Shannen Doherty would reprise her role of Prue Halliwell. It was thought that the Power of Four would be stronger and far greater than The Power of Three due to the Halliwells' powerful half-sister Paige Matthews.
  • When Prue gained all of the Charmed Ones' powers, including her own, it can be considered that she herself is The Power of Four, but in the form of the Power of One.

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