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Gift from elders
The Light of Eternal Love
Artifact Information

A magical crystal of light representing the Light of Eternal Love


Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt

Leo Wyatt: "Of course it’s bright. It’s supposed to represent the light of eternal love"
Piper Halliwell: "Wait, does that mean we can never turn if off?"
Piper and Leo talking about the lamp[src]

The Light of Enteral Love was a magical lamp given to Leo Wyatt and Piper Halliwell by his fellow Whitelighters when they held a wedding reception in The Upper Regions. The light was meant to represent eternal love. However, Piper hated the light, as she thought it was ugly. Leo tried to find a good place for it, but Piper kept removing it. When she was finally willing to accept the light, it fell on the ground as they kissed and it shattered.


Season 3
Death Takes a Halliwell

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