Astrologer: "First, you must fill your heart, only thoughts of love. Then close your eyes and blow on the peel. Drop the peel into the water and watch"
Phoebe: "And how is it that apple knows this big secret?"
Cole: "It's simple, milady. Apples are the fruit of knowledge"
Astrologer: "It is C. The name of your true love begins with a C."
Phoebe finding her true love.[src]

In 2000, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell were sent back in time by the Elders in order for them to save a pregnant, kidnapped Charlotte Warren. After the sisters met with a coven of witches who needed their help, they went to a festival in front of Ruth Cobb's house.

Unbeknownst to them, Cole Turner had traveled back in time as well, in order to stop them. As the masked sisters joined the festival, an astrologer approached Phoebe and offered to show her the first letter of her true love's name. When Phoebe blew onto the apple peel, Cole arrived. She dropped the peel into the bucket of water and the peel showed the letter C.


  • At the time, is was thought that this true love was Cole. However, Phoebe would later fall in love with a Cupid named Coop. Additionally, another love of Phoebe, Clay Muniz, also starts with a C.
  • Although it is represented as something destined and magical, in reality, it would be near-impossible for the peel to form anything other than a C.

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