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Grimoire 2
The Grimoire
Artifact Information

A large brown book


It provides the owner with a large number of dark spells


The Grimoire can be seen as an evil counterpart to the Book of Shadows. The book itself is a large brown covered tome adorned with a demonic symbol in an inverted pentagram on the front cover. The pages are black in color and are said to be blackened by the book's evil. Its spells and incantations are written in Latin.

The Grimoire possesses the power to protect itself from the forces of good. The Charmed Ones used their strongest potions to attempt to destroy it, though it protected itself much like their Book of Shadows.

Although it referred to as the Grimoire, it is not the only grimoire in existence. It is owned by the leader of the Underworld and used to coronate the Source of All Evil when another is chosen.


The Grimoire was used when Cole Turner was being coronated by Dark Priests as the next Source. When a Wizard attempted to become the Source, Cole allowed him to transfer his powers to him. The process was stopped when Phoebe, while being manipulated by the Seer, vanquished the Wizard before the rite could be finished.[1]

The grimoire was also used during the coronation of Dane, though it was interrupted by the Seer, who had taken in the Source's Heir to claim power for herself. The Charmed Ones were able to vanquish the Seer and the entire Infernal Council by forcing the Seer to tap into the power of the child, causing her to be overwhelmed. The Grimoire was left behind and was hidden in the West Andes by Leo Wyatt.[2]

Years later, Rennek gained access to the grimoire and the Empyreal Sword. He stabbed the book with the sword, granting him access to the All and causing magic to switch from magical beings to mortals. After Rennek was vanquished, both the sword and the grimoire were absorbed by Prue Halliwell, who became the protector of the Nexus of All.[3] However, the powerful tome slowly took over her will, prompting her to summon Kyra forward through time to take her power; revive Benjamin Turner in the body of his son and finally merge with the Old One, Heremus. According to Patience, the book had been looking for something powerful and ancient for a long time.[4]

Known ContentEdit

Votum SanguinisEdit


The spell in the Grimoire

This is the spell used to crown a "new" Source with the full powers of the Underworld. The spell is chanted in the middle of the coronation and must be done at midnight with a dark priest presiding.

Votum Sanguinis in Latin translates to vow of blood.

Transferring the Source's PowersEdit

Grimoire 0

The spell to transfer the Source's powers

In an attempt to reunite with Phoebe, Cole was willing to strip himself of the Source's powers and give them to a wizard. The spell requires both beings to spill blood on to the Grimoire while the recipient of the powers chants the spell.

The other known spells are:

  • Spell to resurrect the dead
  • Spell to consecrate magical weapons and items.
  • Spell to Vanquish Good Witches

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • When the Charmed One's Book of Shadows became a Grimoire, it could possibly have been even stronger than the Source's Grimoire, Dantalian even claimed by having their Book of Shadows, she would become unstoppable.
  • The prop was sold on eBay by "It's a Wrap Hollywood" in late 2007 and reached a final bid of $405.00.



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