The Evil Enchantress's Castle

A 12th century castle


The Evil Enchantress



"How dare you summon me."
Lady Julia upon arriving at the castle.[src]

The Evil Enchantress's Castle was a stone fortress that existed in the 12th Century. It was owned by the Evil Enchantress, who used it as her base of operations. She had guards there to protect her and follow her orders. How she came to own the castle is unknown.[1]



The castle appeared to be located in a town. It was accessed by a curving slope that led to a bridge spanning over a moat.


In one room, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell were chained to a wall after following the Enchantress and the Prince into the 12th century. A guard stood watch and fought with Leo Wyatt after he tried to save them, though he was defeated.

Enchantress's Workspace

The Enchantress brewed potions and watched the stars in a room presumably in a tower. It contained a place to make magical mixtures and a portcullis of sorts which she used to contain Lady Julia.

Bed Chamber

The Evil Enchantress's bed chamber was a room lit by braziers and candles that may have been in one of the towers. It had no door, and was completely stone. The Enchantress had a four poster bed in there, as well as a table holding candles and little else.

It was here that the Enchantress tried to conceive, and where she later had her powers bound.