The Dogan
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October 31st, 2005; Magic School



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High Resistance


The Underworld

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Kill Billie: Vol. 1

Portrayed By

Eric Steinberg


The Dogan was an upper-level demonic assassin with multiple powers which were stolen from other demons. The Dogan had the power to absorb the essence of other magical beings, killing them and taking their powers in the process. He could be vanquished with a potion and the Power of Three.


With the Charmed Ones back, the Dogan wanted to lead the Underworld and began gathering power by stealing it from other demons. Billie Jenkins had been tracking him and targeted him at Magic School. However, when she saw the Dogan, it triggered a painful memory of the night her sister Christy was kidnapped.

After Billie believed she had erased her memory of the kidnapping with a spell, she confronted the Dogan and Tomar in an alley. When she tried to attack him, her memory resurfaced once again and the Dogan chased her off. He then confronted Abet and absorbed his powers.

After casting the memory spell again, Billie returned to the alley and threw a potion, which the Dogan deviated at Tomar, vanquishing him. She proceeded to throw several potions at him, forcing him to retreat to Magic School.

The Dogan attacked Billie at her dorm room and overpowered her, though Paige orbed her out just in time. He then teleported to the manor and took Billie to Magic School, where she was finally able to vanquish him with a potion the sisters gave her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active powers
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects and individuals with one's mind.
    • Deviation: The ability to use a power to deflect magical energies and objects back in the direction they came from. The Dogan used this to redirect a potion thrown at him, into the path of his minion instead.
  • Energy Balls: The ability to throw spheres of electrically charged energy.
  • Power Absorption: The ability to absorb the magical powers of other beings.
  • Shimmering: The ability to teleport through shimmering.
  • Shapeshifting: The ability to alter one's appearance. The Dogan absorbed this power from Abet, though he never used it.
Other powers
  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to physical and magical harm. The Dogan was powerful enough to resist Billie's potions.

Book of ShadowsEdit

The Dogan had an entry in the Book of Shadows, however, it was never seen, so its content is unknown.



The Dogan appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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