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The Demonic Wasteland
Location information

Another plane of existence


The plane where the essences and powers of vanquished demons end up


The Demonic Wasteland is a plane where the essences and powers of all vanquished demons end up. Like many other planes parallel to our dimension, it exists beyond time and space. It consists of huge rocks, sand and big fires. The sky is dark red and cloudy.

When demons enter the realm, their bodies are destroyed and their powers fall down to the ground. Half-Demon Cole Turner was able to remain in the wasteland and avoid being devoured because he possessed a soul and clung to his love for Phoebe Halliwell.

The Beast

The Beast is a worm-type monster, which lives in the Wasteland and feeds on the essences and powers of vanquished demons when they enter the Wasteland. No demon, successful to remain alive when entering this realm, has ever escaped from this beast except for Cole. The worm-like beast sucks up all powers and erases everything that is left of the demons. The Beast has some sort of a second arm, which it uses to attack other beings on the Demonic Wasteland.


Witch Way Now?

Cole Turner was trapped in the demonic Wasteland after he was vanquished by The Charmed Ones. Phoebe Halliwell, however, could still hear his whispers, presumably due to their romantic bond. She could hear his plea for help and went to him in astral form. However, when she got there, she was almost immediately attacked by the Beast. She eventually left, but Cole could not move on.

When he found out that he could absorb the left over powers from the demons that entered the realm, he started to collect as many as he could and could eventually kill the beast. When he found that he had collected enough powers, Cole returned to Earth.



  • It's unknown if the Beast was the only one of its species or if more exist. Since the Beast was killed, it's possible that all demonic powers still roam in this realm.
  • The Beast bears a striking resemblance to the Succubus' tongue.
  • A monster similar to the beast later appeared in "The Torn Identity" in the Underworld under control of a demon named Jondar.
  • In Kill Billie Vol. 1, the shapeshifter Abet made a reference to the Demonic Wasteland, telling The Dogan he would meet him there. In "Engaged and Confused", Xar said the same to the Triad. This suggests that living demons are also aware of the demonic wasteland.

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