The Demon Who Came in from the Cold is the nineteenth episode of the third season and the 63rd overall episode of Charmed.


For a complete plot of The Demon Who Came in From the Cold, go here.

Cole poses as Belthazor to infiltrate an internet organization run by evil, that plans on controlling the world's information flow on the internet. Meanwhile, the sisters must vanquish the demon posing as the company's manager without exposing Cole's role in the situation.


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Magical NotesEdit


  • Phoebe made a sleeping potion for Frank Pirelli.
  • Piper and Prue made vanquishing potions for the Brotherhood.


  • Shimmering: Used by Cole and the other Brotherhood members as means of transportation.
  • Energy Balls: Used by Trigg to attack Phoebe, by Cole to attack the limo, by another demon to attack Prue and by Raynor to attack Cole.
  • Voyeurism: Used by Klea to hide herself and spy on others.
  • Technopathy: Used by Vornac to turn on a TV.
  • Teleportation Manipulation: Used by Cole to prevent one of his Brothers from shimmering out.
  • Orbing: Used by Leo as means of transportation.
  • Molecular Immobilization: Used by Piper to freeze the Energy Ball and the limo to save an innocent. Later used to freeze demons at the manor.
  • Glamouring: Used by Vornac to disguise himself as Frank Pirelli.
  • Telekinesis: Used by Prue to deflect an Energy Ball, to throw a demon and to open doors.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Charmed 3x1900:32

Charmed 3x19


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  • Darryl does not appear in this episode, though he is mentioned.
  • Prue doesn't use her Astral Projection powers.
  • Phoebe doesn't use her Premonition and Levitation power.
  • This is the second episode with the word demon in the title.
  • The potion used to vanquish Belthazor works on the demons of the Brotherhood of the Thorn, due to their blood oath.
  • Cole mentions that he killed the Triad because they were plotting to kill the Source so they could take over. Tarkin accepts the excuse, stating that they never fully trusted the Triad. This seems to foreshadow and illuminate the Triad's whole fifteen-year-long plan revealed in season 8.
  • Jennifer Tung, who played Klea, also portrays Zira in "Battle of the Hexes".
  • The actor who played Raynor, Ian Buchanan, starred on the ABC soap opera General Hospital as Duke Lavery, the husband of Anna Devane, played by Finola Hughes.
  • This episode scored 3.5 million viewers.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The title of the episode is a reference to the novel (1963) and film The Spy Who Came in From the Cold (1965).


  • When Phoebe and Cole talk about him going undercover into the Brotherhood, Phoebe's grip on her pestle changes several times during the scene.


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Behind the ScenesEdit


Piper: Welcome to the power of four.
Phoebe: I demand a recount. Wait, that never works.

Prophet: Prepare for the Brotherhood! The Thorn is Coming!

Cole: You just vanquished my brother.

Piper: Wouldn't it be nice to save the world at a decent hour?

Phoebe: The safest place Cole knows is with me.

International TitlesEdit

  • French: La confrérie (The Brotherhood)
  • Czech: Démon, který přišel z chladu (The Demon Who Came From The Cold)
  • Slovak: Démonov návrat (Demon's Return)
  • Russian: Возвращение демона [Vozvraščenie demona] (The Return of the Demon)
  • Spanish (Spain and Latin America): El demonio que vino del frío (The Demon Who Came From The Cold)
  • Serbian: Demon koji je došao iz hladnoće (The Demon Who Came From The Cold)
  • Italian: Doppio Gioco (Double-Cross)
  • German: Die Bruderschaft (The Brotherhood)
  • Hungarian: Testvériség (Brotherhood)
  • Finnish: Veljeskunta (The Brotherhood)
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