The Curious Case of Benjamin Turner
Issue Information
Issue 10
Volume Volume Two
Published July 22, 2015
Written by Pat Shand
Comic Guide
Haste Makes Wasteland
Fear Always Comes Back

The Curious Case of Benjamin Turner is the 10th issue of the Charmed Comics: Season 10 published by Zenescope Entertainment.


For a complete plot of The Curious Case of Benjamin Turner, go here.

Answers, revelations, and returns!

Prue, armed with the knowledge of what she has become, decides to take charge of her situation... leaving Kyra with a whole new world at her fingertips. Meanwhile, when Coop and Henry's actions come to light, the Charmed Ones find themselves divided.




Non-Speaking Edit

Magical NotesEdit

Powers UsedEdit

  • Portal Creation: Used by Tyler to open a portal from the Demonic Wasteland to the manor.
  • Reality Warping: Used by Prue to make Kyra human, to open a portal for Kyra, to extract Benjamin's soul from Coop and to resurrect him in Cole's body.
  • Flight: Used by Prue as she left the desert.
  • Lightning Teleportation: Used by Prue to teleport to the manor and to the cemetery.
  • Memory Reading: Benjamin Turner was able to access Coop's ability to see bits of his charges love life. He saw Cole and Phoebe's wedding.

Notes and TriviaEdit



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Haste Makes Wasteland
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Fear Always Comes Back
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