The Crucible
The Warren Witches
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Written by

Micol Ostow

Published by

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

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Season 6

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The Crucible is the 2nd of eight short stories in The Warren Witches. It is written by Micol Ostow.


When Phoebe Halliwell seeks a student for an intern, she stumbles across Marissa Hargrave, a quiet goth chick who is hated by her peers. When Phoebe gets a vision of her being attacked by an angry mob, she sets out to discover Marissa's secret. But will she be able to save the girl from the quagmire that she put herself in?

The novel shares some thematic ties with its title, 'The Crucible,' in that Marissa is used as a scapegoat, and the angry high school mob quickly grows out of control. Grams makes an appearance to help the girls with the demon.




  • Marissa Hargrave: Intern at the Bay Mirror, who was the target of an angry mob.
  • Natalie Kent: Marissa's schoolmate. She is very hostile.
  • Hete: A demon of hate.


  • Matt Eding: Natalie's boyfriend, who tried to make a move on Marissa.


  • Laurie: Marissa's friend who practiced magic.

Magical NotesEdit


To Bring Out The Demon of Hatred From A Possessed PersonEdit

Mark of hatred, hear our plea,
Bring the demon forth, to be fully seen.

To Banish The Demon of HatredEdit

Demon of hatred,
be gone from this place,
remove your evil influence from our deeds.



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