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The Charmed Monkeys
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The Power of Three

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Astral Monkey

"What do you think of evil?"
—Phoebe to the monkeys.[src]

The Charmed Monkeys is a nickname given to the three monkeys injected with the blood of Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell by Dr. Curtis Williamson. Through their blood, the monkeys also gained the sisters' powers. Each monkey was named after one of the sisters.


With their respective blood in each of their bodies, the monkeys had the powers of the sister they were named after. Dr. Curtis Williamson was trying to find out how Piper Halliwell survived Oroya Fever, believing that the answer lied in their blood and injected the monkeys see what would happen. When he tried to inject Monkey Prue with all three sisters' blood, it used Telekinesis to inject Doctor Williamson instead, which eventually drove him insane as mortals are unable to handle magic.

Monkey Prue then astral projected to Prue and that led them to the monkeys. In order to protect the sisters from exposure, Phoebe stripped the monkeys' powers with her own power stripping potion to prevent them from having the same fate as Doctor Williamson. Before taking them to the zoo, Phoebe taught the monkeys a little trick; See, Hear and Speak no evil.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The monkeys were not driven mad by the magical powers like Dr. Curtis Williamson. However, they only possessed the blood of one sister each, instead of all three, indicating fewer powers (or less magic) will have a reduced affect on one's sanity/health. 
  • Since the monkeys possessed the sisters' powers, they probably had access to the Power of Three as well, but never used it.
  • Phoebe taught the monkeys "See no Evil, hear no Evil, and speak no Evil" by having them cover their eyes, ears, and mouths respectively. In "Sense and Sense Ability", the sisters have their senses stolen by a Monkey Totem based on the same saying.





The Charmed Monkeys appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 2
Astral Monkey

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