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Temporal Stasis
Power Information

Slow down or completely stop the flow of time


Concentration / Hand Gesture




Supportive Power


Temporal Stasis is the ability to slow down or completely stop the flow of time. This power can be used on a grand scale, possibly worldwide, though the exact limitations are dependent on the user. Users are immune to the effects of their power, as are those who are not a target.


Angels of Destiny

Angels of Destiny are shown to possess this power on a grand scale or possibly worldwide. This was witnessed when the first Angel of Destiny stopped time to get the sisters' attention.


The Avatars can access this power through Chronokinesis. Presumably they can use Temporal Stasis on a grand scale since they can use Chronokinesis. However, according to Beta, the biggest drain to the power of the Avatar collective as a whole is the use of Chronokinesis as it requires great power, which is why Alpha advised Avatar Leo, when he used it to stop, and reverse time when Piper refused to trust him, to control his emotions, and thereby control his new powers.[1]

However, after Brody managed to infect Leo with an avatar vanquishing potion, Alpha and Beta used their power to stop the flow of time, and then combinded their power with Leo's to reverse it before he could succumb to the contents of the potion in his system.

The Cleaners

The Cleaners can access this power through Chronokinesis. Presumably they can use Temporal Stasis on a worldwide scale since they can use Chronokinesis on a worldwide scale. The Cleaners once used this to stop time in an alley full of people when The Charmed Ones exposed magic.


The sorcerer Tempus could access this power through Chronokinesis. Tempus could presumably use Temporal Stasis on a grand scale since he could use Chronokinesis on a grand scale.


They can access the power through their ring, allowing them to slow down time around their charges to influence them or to carry out other tasks. Coop once used it to freeze Phoebe before she could kick him.


Candor, a member of The Triad, possessed the power to stop time in a small area. He used this power on two different occasions to stop time and freeze everyone in the Manor except Christy. Later, he used it to freeze everyone in a park except Christy.


The warlock Nigel also possessed this power and could use it to freeze witches, Whitelighters and mortals, though it is presumed he stole it through Power Absorption, and did not possess this power naturally.

List of beings who use(d) Temporal Stasis

Original power
Through spell, power, stealing, etc.

See Also


  1. There's Something About Leo
  2. He most likely stole it from another being.
  3. With his cupid ring.
  4. With their cupid rings.
  5. Through their power of Chronokinesis.
  6. Through his power of Chronokinesis.
  7. Through their power of Chronokinesis.

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