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Demon Teleportation
Power Information

Instant transportation from one location to another


Fear or thinking of a place




Teleportation, also referred to as materializing, is the movement of an object or elementary particles from one place to another, for example going anywhere in the world, the universe, parallel planes, and time loops, even somewhere outside of time and space, more or less instantaneously, without traveling through space.

Teleportation encompassed various individual powers that were possessed by many magical beings who each possessed at least one of these powers. Those who could teleport also had the ability to teleport with other beings and objects which didn't possess a teleportation power via physical contact. Some beings had the power to teleport others without touching them or teleporting themselves.

Types of TeleportationEdit

Cole and leo teleports

Cole; a demon, shimmers while Leo; a whitelighter, orbs.

"Did you notice how he vanished? Did he smoke out, flame out?"
Cole Turner[src]

There are several ways to teleport and specific beings have their own unique way of teleporting that could be counted as a combination of these base ways to teleport. 

The main difference between each teleportation power is the visual effect that accompanied each power. However, factors such as speed, the type of magical being who possessed the power, the moral alignment associated with it and any other special features (such as accessing certain realms or effecting the environment around it) were all determinants in each power's distinction.


Image Name Description Users
5x12P19 Ash Teleportation An ash-based type of teleportation. Lazarus Demons
CoopFading Beaming A light-based type of teleportation

Black Orbing Leo and Chris Black Orbing A dark orb-based type of teleportation.

PiperBlinking 2 Blinking A blinking-based kind type of teleportation Warlocks
Death1 Dark Wisping This type of teleportation is similar to fading. Angel of Death
7x16 - cole fades in Dusting A particle-based type of teleportation. Cole Turner (while trapped in the Cosmic Void)
Energetic Fading Energetic Fading An energy-based type of teleportation The Tall Man
Teleportation Fading An energy-based type of teleportation.

Flaming Flaming A fire-based type of teleportation

Seer glisten Glistening An energy-based type of teleportation.

NecronTeleport Lightning Teleportation A lightning-based type of teleportation.

Paige orbing Orbing A light orb-based type of teleportation.

PortalCreation2 Portal Creation A portal-based type of teleportation.

RainbowTeleportingPaigeandSheama Rainbow Teleportation A rainbow-based type of teleportation similar to portals. Leprechauns
JericPhobebSanTeleport Sand Teleportation A sand-type of teleportation which resembles a sandstorm. Jeric
Shimmering In Shimmering A energy-based type of teleportation. Common among upper and lower level demons
KatyaShredding Shredding A molecular-based type of teleportation.

FurySmoking Smoking A smoke-based type of teleportation.

Sparkling 2 Sparkling A sparkle-based type of teleportation.

4x19-Spiralization Spiralization An energy-based kind of type of teleportation. Wizards
NymphsArriveAfterTeleportation Water Teleportation A water-based type of teleportation.

Gaia-Whirling Whirling An air-based type of teleportation which resembles a tornado.

Paige Ghost Wisping Wisping This type of teleportation is similar to fading. Spirits


Sometimes magical beings teleport by using a combination of teleportation powers. This is probably due the various mixing of species and power stealing over the centuries, creating new species of demons and new powers.

Image Name Combination Users
6x07P1 Flame-Fading Flaming and Fading Zahn and his minions
Kaiafading Glisten-Fading Glistening and Fading Kieran Demons
Andras teleporting Shimmer-Fading Shimmering and Fading
1x11-SmokeFading3 Smoke-Fading Smoking and Fading
Smokewhirling3 Smoke-Whirling Smoking and Whirling Genies

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