Tarot Cards
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Cards symbolizing different aspects of life.




Tarot Cards are a pack of usually about seventy-eight different cards symbolizing different aspects of life. They are mostly used for divinatory purposes. Paige Matthews owned a set of these before the year of 2001, however, they got destroyed and her sister, Phoebe, bought her another pack.


Paige Matthews


The "Death" Card.

After receiving a new pack of these cards due to the fact it was the eve of Phoebe's wedding, Paige used them almost instantly. When she picked up the cards, the "Death" card kept appearing up, however before telling Piper, Cole tells her that he doesn't believe in that kind of thing. Although, she later goes to Piper in the night, but she just shakes it off and says that the card doesn't even look like death mainly because Prue met him a year before. She then mentions the cards on the day of the wedding, which angers Phoebe.[1]

Phoebe Halliwell


Phoebe sets out the cards.

Phoebe would eventually use Tarot cards to get herself out of a time loop. When she gets stuck in the past with Drake dè Mon who both have came to the past to stop a deal that created the loop, she finds a book and a pack of cards sitting next to it. Although Phoebe doesn't want to leave without Drake, he eventually gets her to leave by herself. She sets out the cards and reads an incantation on the book and she flashes back to the real time in the Halliwell Manor with Leo and Piper waiting for her.[2]


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