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Alternative Goofed Realities

Storylines in Charmed episode "Oh My Goddess! Part 1" and Charmed episode "Chris-Crossed" don't make any sense they are completely different, because Chris went back in time to stop The Titans and not Wyatt.

Should Chris-Crossed episode be actually about The Titans controlling the world? and not Wyatt being evil, how could Chris know that Wyatt became evil whilst he was actually from a alternative time line where The Titans already ruled the world. Did The Writers goofed? Charmednut 15:13 February 1 2012

Chris came back to prevent Wyatt from turning evil. He probably waited until the Titans attacked to jump in and save Phoebe and Paige in order to gain their trust. It's only natural that he had to lie in order to get the sisters to trust him. :However, the writers didn't think of the Wyatt storyline beforehand because Chris' character was originally intended to be Wyatt. After OMG was filmed and aired, Holly Marie Combs told Brad Kern that she was pregnant, so the writers created Chris.
Your confusion is normal, you're not the only one who thought they messed up. -- PerryPeverell 15:02, February 1, 2012 (UTC)
Holly didn't tell Brad she was pregnant right after OMG (if that's what you're trying to say). Fanycharmed 19:45, February 1, 2012 (UTC)
No, I'm merely implying it was sometime after OMG had already been shot, so that they couldn't alter the script. -- PerryPeverell 20:58, February 1, 2012 (UTC)
Yes, I agree with Perry. Chris went to the past through a portal, but he orbed into the manor when the titans attacked. He could have been in the past for days already, waiting to make his move when the titans attacked. His hair is also completely different when he went back in time. And Chris lied about coming to the past to stop the titans, it was just a distraction. He also lied about Paige being dead in his time, while he later said she always gave him money. Charmdozo 15:37, February 1, 2012 (UTC)
I don't think he lied about Paige being dead in the future. She might have been dead in his time, they could have already prevented that from happening and changed the future by the time Chris says Paige always gave him money. His memories of dead Paige were replaced by new ones. Magiccatprincess77.167.2.23 14:14, April 27, 2012 (UTC)

^ I have been thinking the same thing and if so this would explain why Chris hated Leo for abandoning him as his memories would have changed. Also wyatt may have turned evil because the titans ruled you never know.... 03:57, July 10, 2013 (UTC)

I've been asking myself the same question (I think I've mentioned it elsewhere). The Dialogue in OMG clearly states he's there to prevent the dark future in which the Titans win, and Paige is killed. This appears to be a convienent lie to obtain the Charmed Ones' trust. The evidence for this is that:
1. he later claims Paige is his favourite aunt, therefore she could not be dead in the future he came from
2. he didn't arrive via a portal at the manor, but orbed in, suggesting he was already in the past long before the Titans were released
3. there are hints to "issues" with Wyatt in OMG, plus it concludes with him "removing" Leo, implying a very different agenda to his stated goal.
Pittstop (talk) 10:43, August 3, 2012 (UTC)

Birth date?

When was he born?Leana Wright 2009 22:21, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

It's on his page, in the infobox. November 16, 2004. FANaticyeah 23:46, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

But where does this information come from? -- SaXon 15:31, April 23, 2012 (UTC)
I don't understand it too. If to count from 02.02.2004. then date of birth should be the 10/25/2004 Chris was born BEFORE Halloween!
Luciana12 19:22, May 6, 2012 (UTC)
So maybe it could be 16th October? O_o Fanycharmed 21:21, July 7, 2012 (UTC)
I make it December 2004. -- SaXon 16:10, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
It can't be December. :D I'd go with the October 16th. Any objections? Fanycharmed 16:21, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
Well, Chris was two months old on Valentine's Day, which would mean that he was born in December. -- SaXon 16:27, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
Besides, Chris had to have been born after November (when Spin City occurred and Piper was six months pregnant). We know that Spin City was in November, because it was six months after Courtship, which was in May (Wyatt and Piper's birthday). -- SaXon 16:36, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
No, Courtship was in February (Wyatt's birthday). Fanycharmed 17:44, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
Actually, Wyatt was born six months before Necromancing the Stone, which took place six months before Prince Charmed (Piper's birthday), meaning that Wyatt was born the same month as Piper (May/June). -- SaXon 17:49, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
Wyatt wasn't born six months before the Necromancing episode. That was just a glitch in 7x03. He was born on February 2nd. Fanycharmed 18:15, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
There's no reason for that to be considered a glitch. Besides, Wyatt was born AFTER the autumnal equinox (Witches in Tights), so he couldn't have been born in February. Also, an Angel of Destiny told Piper that she was recently pregnant in November. If Wyatt was born in February, he would have been born after only four months. -- SaXon 18:18, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
Umm, autumnal equinox is in autumn. February is closer to the autumn than May/June. And why do you think 4x22 happened in November? Fanycharmed 18:54, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
Spring, sorry. I'm a little distracted. Anyway, as for 4x22 being in November: Leo and Piper's anniversary was the day before the Harvest Moon (20 September). The next day, Phoebe conceived. Eight weeks later, Phoebe loses the child, and 4x22 takes place shortly after. -- SaXon 19:02, July 9, 2012 (UTC)

We've gotten a little too much to the right side. Okay, and why do you think 5x05 happened in spring? And next question - why do you think 3x15 was the day before Harvest Moon? Fanycharmed 19:13, July 9, 2012 (UTC)

5x05 was in spring because Ramus said that it was the day before the spring equinox, and 3x15 was before the harvest moon because... that's what the Seer said. She said that Phoebe could only be impregnated by Cole/The Source's demonic seed under the harvest moon and under the influence of a potion. -- SaXon 19:21, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
You're right about the Harvest Moon thing. But considering it makes no sense for those episodes to take place in autumn, it might have been a glitch. In 5x05 was never stated it's the spring equinox, they meant the autumn equinox. Also, in season 8 we can see that Wyatt's brithday takes place before Valentine's Day. Fanycharmed 19:45, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
I think it must have been the spring equinox, because Saving Private Leo was in November, after the autumnal one, so it must have been the spring one. -- SaXon 19:50, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
I'll have to continue this tomorrow, as there seem to be hour-long breaks between comments and, I don't know about you, but it's ten o'clock here. -- SaXon 19:52, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
Isn't it nearly impossible to determine dates through episodes? Sometimes, the events in episodes are set days apart, sometimes months go by. Just look at Piper's pregnancy. She went from finding out to hugely pregnant in one episode. Charmdozo 19:56, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
Yeah, it's Mission: Impossible. :D Well, I think episodes were usually meant to be happening around the time they aired, except for the episodes where Piper started being pregnant for the second time and there was the thing with skipping 6 months, which was forgotten after like 3 episodes and they started saying it's all happening around the time the episode aired again. Fanycharmed 20:19, July 9, 2012 (UTC)
I don't think it's impossible, honestly. I've mapped out several Charmed timelines and, aside from the odd complication, most of it seems to make sense. -- SaXon 09:32, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
Actually, it really is impossible, considering how many glitches there were when it comes to dates. However, most signs points to the fact Wyatt was born in February 2nd, or don't you guys think so? In the episode where Wyatt was born, they said it's the Wiccan Festival of Lights, which is on February 2nd. In season 8 Wyatt's brithday took place before the Valentine's Day. And if you consider the "episodes were usually meant to be happening around the time they aired" thing, 6x16 aired in February. 7x20 aired in May and it was stated Wyatt's 2 and a half, which also indicates he was born in February rather than May/June. Fanycharmed 17:36, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
It's just that episode aren't happening around the time they aired. In season 6, Spin City made a 6 months time jump, while it just was a month. These things mess all the dates up. Tooniee 18:19, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
I mentioned that 6 months thing above. :D Read this "I think episodes were usually meant to be happening around the time they aired, except for the episodes where Piper started being pregnant for the second time and there was the thing with skipping 6 months, which was forgotten after like 3 episodes and they started saying it's all happening around the time the episode aired again." Fanycharmed 18:24, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
Yeah but the whole pregnancy episodes thing messes all the other ones up? Tooniee 18:34, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
Yes, you're right. That's why I say it's impossible to determine every date considering how many glitches there were when it comes to dates. However, I still find February 2nd for Wyatt and October 16th for Chris as the most possible dates. Fanycharmed 18:52, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
It couldn't have been October because Chris was born just over two months before Valentine's Day. -- SaXon 19:14, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
Based on what? Charmdozo 19:15, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
Carpe Demon. -- SaXon 19:22, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
So Carpe Demon takes place around valentine's day. I don't see the relevance to Chris' age. Charmdozo 19:37, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
Look back and read my last two comments and then you'll see the relevance. -- SaXon 19:39, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
So you're saying there were only 2 months between 6x23 and 7x14, and also that there were 10 months between 7x14 and 7x21, and also that there were 2 months between 7x21 and 8x15? And do you agree about that February 2nd thing with Wyatt? Fanycharmed 20:26, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
Errr.... Honestly, I don't know. Maybe. I know that Wyatt must have been born in May because he was born six months before Necromancing the Stone, which was just over six months before Piper's birthday (Prince Charmed). We know that Piper was born in May/June because she is a Gemini. I also know that Chris must have been born in December, because, two months later, it's Valentine's Day. Also, he was conceived on Wyatt's birthday (in May), and Piper was six months pregnant in Spin City (making it November). While it does seem strange that Chris was born "perfectly healthy" when he was born at only seven months, it's the only possibility. If he was born any later than that, then there wouldn't be enough room for the first half of season seven before Valentine's Day. -- SaXon 09:52, July 11, 2012 (UTC)
Well, you're saying that's Wyatt's birthday is in May/June. You're saying that Chris's birthday is in December. And I think we both know Valentine's Day is in February. Then how do you explain that we've seen that Chris had birthday, then Wyatt had birthday, and then there was the Valentine's Day? Season 8 showed us that Wyatt's birthday is closer to Valentine's Day than Chris's birthday. It also showed us that Wyatt's birthday is before the Valentine's Day. Which means it's impossible for Wyatt to have birthday in May/June. I think in Wyatt's case we should go with February, because most signs points to that date. In Chris's case most signs points to May, but that's only because the 6 months jump was forgotten, but it's impossible to say he was born in May when he was conceived in February, and that's why I think we should go with October. Fanycharmed 17:32, July 11, 2012 (UTC)
But, we know that Wyatt's birthday is in the same month as Piper's, and we know that she is a Gemini. -- SaXon 17:38, July 11, 2012 (UTC)
Okay, let's see...
Here are the signs that point to the fact Wyatt was born in May/June:
  1. The thing with the Seer and the Harvest Moon, which affects the other dates, but in case this was a glitch it doesn't affect anything.
  2. Saving Private Leo would take place in the right time.
  3. Feel free to add it, because I don't know what to write here, but before you do, read the rest of what I'm about to write.
And here are the signs that point to the fact Wyatt was born in February:
  1. It was said in 5x15 that he was born on the Wiccan Festival of Lights, which takes place in February.
  2. We saw that his birthday takes place before Valentine's Day.
  3. Hormones after giving birth are usually okay sooner than after 6 months, and Piper said she's okay in 5x22.
  4. It's Valentine's Day in 7x14. In 7x20, Wyatt was around 2 and a half. There's bigger possibility that 6 months passed between these two episodes than 9/10 months.
  5. Episodes were usually meant to be happening around the time they aired. Except for that 6 months jump, which was later forgotten, and it was meant to be happening around the time it aired again. 5x15 aired in February.
And why we can't consider the Necromancing episode as proof? Because if there really were 6 months between 5x15 and 5x21, and there were also 6 months between 5x21 and 6x12, it doesn't proof anything. There were no dates stated in 5x21 or 6x12 as far as I can remember. If he was born in May/June just like Piper, it makes a glitch in 5x15 where it was said he was born in February, actually, it makes a glitch in each of the five signs I wrote above. And if he was born in February, it makes a glitch in 4x16 and in 6x12. What's more - two glitches or five glitches? Fanycharmed 19:18, July 11, 2012 (UTC)
I wasn't aware of this, but if it was literally said Wyatt was born in febuary, why are we even discussing this? Add the whole festival of light thing and we've got two solid pieces of evidence that give us Wyatt's birthday. Besides, wasn't this about Chris in the first place? Charmdozo 19:26, July 11, 2012 (UTC)
If it was in February, then that would mean that Piper was also born in February (contradicting the fact that she's a Gemini). Also, Witches in Tights (which takes place about ten episodes before Wyatt is born, I think) takes place on the spring equinox, which is in March. -- SaXon 19:37, July 11, 2012 (UTC)
Well, it's hard with Piper. In 3x03, it was said she's Gemini, and then she celebrated her birthday in January. Either way, there's a mistake in one of the episodes. And in the Witches in Tights it was never stated what equinox it was, and if we agree with the "February - sign #5" it must have been the autumnal equinox. Also, if it was the spring equinox, it makes glitches in all the "February signs" and if it was autumnal equinox it makes two glitches. Again, what's more, two glitches or five glitches? And yes, this was about Chris's birthday. :D Fanycharmed 20:24, July 11, 2012 (UTC)
If Wyatt was born in February 2003, then Witch Way Now? would have been in June 2002 (he was born at 34 weeks), which would put Saving Private Leo in about May when it should be November (anniversary of Guadalcanal; which it would be if Wyatt was born in May). This would mean that The Fifth Halliwell (which must have been in September because of the Harvest Moon) would be in September 2001 (while it would be 2002 if Wyatt was born in May). This would mean that Just Harried was in September 2000 and All Halliwell's Eve (which should take place October 31, 2000) on October 31, 1999 instead, which would mean that Something Wicca This Way Comes was in September, 1997. -- SaXon 22:34, July 11, 2012 (UTC)
Great! If we move the 1st season to 1997, it explains why Prue celebrated her 27th birthday in Dead Man Dating, considering she was born in 1970! :) Kidding. No, look, I'm not saying we should move every date. All I'm saying is that we should stay with the date that causes less mistakes and the ones that don't fit call "a glitch." Saving Private Leo - glitch. Harvest Moon - glitch and no September. And 3x15, 3x04 and 1x01 can stay the way it is.
Look, I don't get one thing...
You're saying that if we say Wyatt was born on February it causes lots of glitches in previous dates. It makes a glitch in 4x16 (Harvest Moon) and in 4x17 (the anniversary). Those would be glitches, but why should we make glitches affect other episodes? In 1x01 Piper has an umbrella when she's in front of the house, but once she's in the house, she had a different umbrella. What did we do about it? We said "a glitch" and let it go. We didn't think about "what if she had powers even before, she might have used glamouring on the umbrella." :D I'm sorry, I can't think of a better example right now. :D Anyway, I think we should do the same with dates that make no sense. Say "a glitch," make them the right date if possible, but not affect the other dates, the ones that make sense. Which means - yes, it would make sense for 4x16 to be happening in September, but it's easier to say "there's a glitch in 4x16," than to say "there's a glitch in every other episode," don't you think?
Look, you want him to be born in May/June, so there wouldn't be glitches in episodes that take place before, but if we say "he was born in May/June" it makes glitches in the later episodes, and it makes glitch in 5x15 itself. Read again my list of signs (I updated it) and check that there are still more signs pointing to the fact he was born in February. (Remember the thing about "say a glitch but don't affect the dates that seem right.) If we say he was born in May/June, it makes the February signs wrong. If we say he was born in February, it makes the May/June signs wrong. No matter when he's born, it will cause some glitches. And here's my question:
If you don't want to say "May/June signs are glitches," why do you want to say "February signs are glitches," especially considering there's more of the February signs?
Wow, I didn't even realize this is such a long text until I wrote it. :D Fanycharmed 15:19, July 12, 2012 (UTC)
Actually, if it was put back a year, that would also explain what Prue said in Pre-Witched as well ("even though it's last year's model. What is it, a '96?"). But I honestly believe that May makes more sense as Wyatt's birthday. How about doing a table with evidence for each side? -- SaXon 15:53, July 12, 2012 (UTC)
I thought that the list of February signs and the May/June signs was a kind of table... Okay, I know it's not a table, but it has the same purpose. Isn't that enough? Fanycharmed 16:15, July 12, 2012 (UTC)
It does have the same purpose, but a table is clearer. (Here it is) -- SaXon 16:46, July 12, 2012 (UTC)
Can I edit the table too? You added the Necromancing episode there but I already explained it doesn't tell us anything. BTW I don't think it's clearer. Fanycharmed 17:00, July 12, 2012 (UTC)
Never mind, I'm making the table here so we all can edit it:
Wyatt must have been born on February 2nd because... Wyatt must have been born in May because...
The Day the Magic Died

Wyatt is born on the "Wiccan Festival of Lights", which is celebrated on February 2nd

Payback's a Witch & The Last Temptation of Christy

His birthday was celebrated before the Valentine's Day.

Season 7

In Carpe Demon, it's the Valentine's Day. In Imaginary Fiends, Wyatt was around 2 and a half. There's bigger possibility that 6 months passed between these two episodes than 9/10 months.

Most of the episodes

Episodes were usually meant to be happening around the time they aired. Except for that 6 months jump in season 6, which was later forgotten, and it was meant to be happening around the time it aired again. The Day the Magic Died aired in February.

The Fifth Halliwheel

The Seer said this episode takes place on the Harvest Moon, which takes place in September, meaning if he was conceived after this episode (he was), he was born in May/June.

Saving Private Leo

The only way for this episode to take place in the right time (on the anniversary of the battle) is if Wyatt was born in May/June

Wyatt couldn't have been born on February 2 because... Wyatt couldn't have been born in May because...
This would mess up all preceding dates that correspond to Wyatt's birthday.

(Saving Private Leo would not be on the anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal, The Fifth Halliwheel would not be on the Harvest Moon, etc.)

This would mess up all following dates that correspond to Wyatt's birthday.

(The Day the Magic Died would not be on the Wiccan Festival of Lights, Payback's a Witch would not take place before The Last Temptation of Christy, etc.)

We don't have a clue when Wyatt was born because...
Payback's a Witch & 12 Angry Zen
Wyatt's third birthday was celebrated before Chinese New Year, which was in January.
And once again, let me explain to you why Necromancing the Stone does not tell us a thing about when Wyatt was born:
There were no dates stated in the episode. According to you, he must have been born in May/June because that's the only way in which Prince Charmed doesn't have a date glitch (Piper's birthday). But I already written here that if it took place in May/June, it makes a date glitch in The Day the Magic Died. Why do you so much want to make sure there's no glitch in 6x12, while at the same moment you're creating a glitch in 5x15? I asked you already, and now I'm asking again. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be rude or something, I just don't get it. Fanycharmed 21:38, July 12, 2012 (UTC)
For me it's simple, Wyatt was born on February 2nd, every birthday afterwards which does not match is a glitch. -- PerryPeverell 22:48, July 12, 2012 (UTC)
Oh, I almost forgot. About that Harvest Moon thing - 3x04 takes place in October 2000. 3x22 takes place in May 2001. It's impossible for 3x15 to take place in autumn. So can we agree with Wyatt being born in February? Fanycharmed 20:47, July 14, 2012 (UTC)
I agree, I never doubted he was born in february. At least we can close the Wyatt portion of this discussion. Charmdozo 00:03, July 15, 2012 (UTC)

Great! So can we move back to the Chris issue? Once again, considering he was conceived on February 2nd, his due date is October 25th, and I think it makes more sense for him to be born on October 16th than November 16th. Do you agree with changing his birth date to October 16th? Fanycharmed 17:42, July 19, 2012 (UTC)
Any objections? Fanycharmed 11:23, July 23, 2012 (UTC)
Based on Wyatt's birthday, it would seem logical he was born nine months later, which would be late october, early november, Not to restart the entire discussion, but where does the 16th come from? Charmdozo 12:54, July 23, 2012 (UTC)
I agree that we should say October/November, but not the sixteenth, since that's speculating a bit much. -- SaXon 13:11, July 23, 2012 (UTC)
It used to be in the Notes section on this site, I quote: "Though Chris' birthday is stated to be May 16, 2004, it is actually supposed to be November 16, 2004, since he was conceived on Wyatt's birthday, which occurred in February." I don't know the source of the information, though. Fanycharmed 14:37, July 23, 2012 (UTC)
They just took the 16 out and added it to November, which I think should be changed. Just because the episode aired on the sixteenth, it doesn't mean that he was born on the sixteenth. -- SaXon 14:41, July 23, 2012 (UTC)
I don't know where the information comes from, but yeah, you might be right, maybe it is because of the air date. :-D Fanycharmed 15:14, July 23, 2012 (UTC)


Somebody please add Crushing to Chris's sub powers of telekinesis. 10:00, March 13, 2012 (UTC)

Shouldn't be added that Chris used divination in the beginning of Spin City. He used the tarot cards. Tuxer (talk) 22:37, August 13, 2012 (UTC)

Didn't Chris show electrokinesis in the comics. Jacob Pagano 15:48, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

I think not. Fanycharmed 16:15, July 12, 2012 (UTC)
Only in one novel, Leo Rising. Howwver, novels are not canon. Charmdozo 19:15, July 12, 2012 (UTC)
Frostfyre i do agree with you as wyatt has very stronge active powers while chris has more powerful passive powers like Photokinesis and Telekinetic orbing. Chris was able to orb wyatt from magic school(vary far away) which wyatt never developed a stronger version of Telekinetic orbing then wyatt.I think your right because since leo was a elder that makes chris more of a pacifist then wyatt since elders are more pacifist then whitelighter(leo was at the time of wyatt birth) I also think this reason is why chris has more powerful pacifist powers then wyatt. Plus wyatt is/was twiced blessed which makes his powers more powerful.Plus chris could gain invisablility,frezzing time,ect

Does Chris Know About Prue?

I have a question. Did Chris ever knew Prue? Like did the sisters ever talked about her while Chris was there?

He knew the history of the charmed ones from the beginning and also there was a museum of the charmed ones in the future so he did know. Kt111 05:34, April 27, 2012 (UTC)

Aside from that, there is no way that Piper would raise her sons without ever telling them about her sister. Charmdozo 13:25, April 27, 2012 (UTC)

Agreed. FANaticyeah 19:45, April 27, 2012 (UTC)

Piper barely goes 2 epsiodes without mentioning her dead sister. Chris and Wyatt would know about her for sure. Plus if you take the comics as canon, Pru is back in both boys lives and alive.

As for did Chris ever MEET Pru, as Pru? It's never shown in the series so I'd have to say either a definite "no" or "it happened but everyone forgot about it" since Piper and Pheobe claim no prior knowledge of Chris's existence before Oh My Goddess. Pittstop (talk) 10:48, August 3, 2012 (UTC)


I noticed Divination being removed and put back on this article and it made me think... I should really have put this on the Divination page, but just hear me out. Divination isn't a power, it is a skill that any witch is capable of developing if they are willing to learn it. So perhaps in cases where the witch can read Tarot cards (Chris, Paige etc) and similar tools, we could put it in basic powers. However for beings such as Seers and Oracles, perhaps it could be included in their active powers, since it seems more of a rareity for demons. P3nathan (talk)

Is it the same as when the Piper and Billie looked for signs in Angry Zen. During the episode it was mentioned as a common learned skill. But some witches are better at it than others (Phoebe or other psychics for obvious reasons could be better at it though we have never seen her do it). It should be listed that Billie knew a lot about divination also. And Paige learned very quickly how to read tea leaves. Maybe it is best to add it to every witch/gypsy's basic power section since that is what it is a basic power. And also change P Russell's divination power to the basic power section instead of as an actual active power like her pyrokinesis. Kt111 (talk) 22:04, September 17, 2012 (UTC)

Yes, that's what I was thinking we could do. I'll take a look and start on it tomorrow. P3nathan (talk)

When did he use the power though i know he researched because of Wyatt but i always thought that he asked outside help.Kt111 (talk) 00:05, September 18, 2012 (UTC)

Either way, we're not adding a power to his list based on the fact he used a tarot card once. Anyone can use them. Charmdozo (talk) 07:49, September 18, 2012 (UTC)

Why is chris so weak compared to paige and wyatt?

I was watching the episode called spin city and i think i found a reason why chris is so weak comparied to paige/simon/and wyatt.I know wyatt is stronger then chris because hes first born and paige because shes a charmed one but i always wondered why simon marks had more powers then him when simon was a regular whitelighter hybrid while chris was a hybrid and a son of a charmed one.i think that chris would have been more powerfull if it wasnt for the spiderdemon.When piper was pregnet with chris the spider deam absorbed alot of his powers and life force which could have made him weaker with less powers and piper as well.I mean piper has had her molecular powers for 5/8 seasons and she still didnt learn how to use it without her hands.i think the spider demon took some of the all (in comic and where witches get there powers in and all witches are born with a piece) from piper and chris witch weakend both of them.

I don't think Simon had more powers than Chris, I'm pretty sure they had the same exact powers though I choose to disregard Simon's character altogether because introducing him was idiotic writing. And he's weaker than Paige and Wyatt for the reasons you listed, she's a Charmed One and he's the first born/Twice Blessed Child. TheFanatic (talk) 08:23, October 14, 2012 (UTC)

Actually Chris is suggested to be very powerful in season 8. He develops TK orbing and is strong enough to orb Wyatt to him from the Manor before he can even talk... an advancement Paige didn't reach for like 4 years. Yeah I disregard Simon too, mainly because I reject the American belief that all British people are either: evil (Gideon), complete idiots (Simon), or stuffy librarians (that one's more a Buffy reference)... but yes, he was also very bad writing, the likes of which I came to expect from season 8 to be honest. P3nathan (talk)

Simon has a power of Conjuration, while Chris doesn't have the power. And Paige was able to orb heavy things without calling them in season 6. Fanycharmed (talk) 13:29, October 14, 2012 (UTC)

I think Chris is/could be just as powerful as Paige and Prue. I don't consider him weak, Wyatt is just incredibly overpowered. Charmdozo (talk) 13:41, October 14, 2012 (UTC)

@FancyCharmed, that's generally considered a glitch considering Paige was never seen moving anything without calling for it again until season 9. I think Simon conjuring the flowers could be considered a very similar amount of power to Chris orbing Wyatt from the Manor to Victor's house to be honest... odds are he orbed them from another location the same way we saw Paige orb ice cream and candles that were out of view. The power to orb living beings from other locations when your a baby is a very powerful way to start. Chris spent a lot of time hiding his witch powers, so it's very possible that their are certain aspects we didn't see in that one season. In fact it's certain since as far as I can remember, he only ever used basic TK in season 6, never hybrid tk. P3nathan (talk)

I just realized that Chris and P.J used remote orbing/beaming before any other power.Superlana (talk) 20:38, October 14, 2012 (UTC)

I dont consider season 6 Chris weaker than season 6 Paige. If we look at the development of the common power of telekinesis Chris was more powerful than Paige being able to use normal telekinesis (a power that i think is harder for hybrids) instead of the hybrid version, plus he used the more offensive aspect of telekinesis (chrushing). The only thing Paige did was use deviation. Granted i dont think that season 6 was Paige's best power season when compared to Phoebe who recently received the power of empathy and became more aggressive witch as a result.Kt111 (talk) 21:43, October 14, 2012 (UTC)

Perhaps Chris had Paige to learn from and that's why he develops more aggresive powers in his early 20s. I've always imagined Paige giving her witch-whitelighter nephews a lot of guidance. Like we saw with Wyatt from the future when he says something about Paige's words of wisdom about how magic works. Now that Paige's power is far more aggresive, perhaps she will be able to teach her nephews a few things and that could explain Chris being more aggresive with his powers earlier in life. Just a theory. P3nathan (talk)

Isn't posible that chris has become more powerful since Leo was an Elder instead of Whitelighter when he was conceived. That may explain why baby chris can orb things. He has both of prue and paiges powers shouldn't that make him more powerful then them. (talk)

I know im not saying hes weak but i always wondered why he never gain more then 4 powers(orbing,telekinetic orbing,telekinesis,photokinesis)He is the 2nd son of the most powerfull charmed one piper(since prue died).Plus just because paige didnt use regular telekinesis doesnt make chris stronger then her because the fact is paige taugh pipers kids how to use there whitelighter powers as stated by wyatt and chris many times in the future.And paige may have not used regular telekinesis like chris but she displayed many more powers then him.Paige displayed like 10 powers which is only like 2 less then wyattt and he is suppost to be the most powerful and plus chris only displayed like 4 powers.who you think taught chris and wyatt how to use regular telekinesis definly future paige because she may develope it because every other hyrbrid has.piage is also a late bloomer developing her powers later then any other witch in the whole series yet she stilled had many many more powers then chris while chris had many many years to learn (ever since he was a kid) because of paiges help while paige had to learn how to use her powers quick to help her sisters fight demons without no help since shes the first hybrid and no one knew what she was going through.chris had paige while paige had to learn to use her power by herself.Plus chris came during a time while paige was new to her powers since she only had them for 2 years while chris had most of his life to learn.Also the spider demons absorbs people life and power so i think that the spider demon took a piece of the all.- egzon

First of all the comment about Paige teaching Wyatt and Chris to use normal tk is just an assumption since the comments made by Wyatt and Chris were about the whitelighter aspect of their powers (healing, photokinesis, glamouring,etc). Regarding the most powerful comment it depends on your definition of most powerful given that just because someone has more powers at their disposal doesnt make them more powerful if the other person has a greater control of the power he/she has. In my opinion the number of powers possesed dont really matter and sometimes a large number of powers could turn out to be more of a hindrance since the user would have to divide his/her time to reach a basic level of control over the powers possesed while the user with fewer powers can properly develop them. I think that is one of the reasons that the charmed ones received their power advancements one at a time. Also the level of power isnt determined by the childs mother since all the charmed ones have the same amount of power even though one of them has the strongest offensive power. Finally adult Chris didnt display all of his possible powers on account of the fact that he was hiding his true identity he could gain a new powers later in the comics (the same could happen to the rest of the charmed children with the exception of Wyatt since i think he has more than enough).Kt111 (talk) 03:11, October 15, 2012 (UTC)

Someone should add Chronokinesis in Chris power list. This was shown when Leo was spying on Chris and saw him rush out of the time portal he had created.

Actually the comments chris and wyatt said is that "who you think teaches me to use my powers", with your comment "Chris didnt display all of his possible powers on account of the fact that he was hiding his true identity" why would he need to hide his powers from his parents because they eventualy figured out he was there kid and when he faced gideon/ future/evil wyatt you think he would have used more powers then just telekinesis.I get that he orbed wyatt when he was little but just because he has more control over his telekinetic orbing power doesnt mean hes stronger,he just lacked any other strength in his other powers.Every body has control of a power beter like phoebe uses levitation easier then premonition while paige uses her Telekinetic orbing powers beter then any other,and piper uses her molecular combustive powers with less effort then using fressing,and prue uses telekinesis easier then astral projectiong.Each person has more control of 1 of there powers then there others.When chriss comes from the future in season 6 he rarely ever uses telekinetic orbing and used telekinesis more and plus his telekinesis is not that stronge i mean he had ever since his childhood to learn from paige while paige only had 4 years and advanced very much to even a orb shield while chriss didnt.i stick with my idea ".When piper was pregnet with chris the spider deam absorbed alot of his powers and life force which could have made him weaker with less powers and piper as well" chris semes a little weak for a charmed one son/hybrid.And piper had 8 season to display a way to use her powers through her eyes or somewhere else instead of her hands.prue/paige/phoebe learned how to channel there powers through there eyes, chin/head(paige with the shillelagh,ect

Well sure a character is usually more skilled with particular powers, but that doesn't mean they don't need to be developed. Chris orbing his brother from across town as a baby is strong magic, I can't see why having greater skill with that particular power would mean that he wasn't strong. TK orbing was the first witch power Paige got and it took her almost 4 years to orb people, especially that far, plus she had to call out their name... Chris did it across town before he could even speak. That's powerful. P3nathan (talk)

Well just because paige has to call for something doesnt mean she has less control over her powers.Simon marks didnt have to call out for things to orb but that doesnt mean simon is stonger then paige because paige is a charmed one so shes stronger.Every body uses there powers different like prue used her telekinesis through her eyes while others used it through hand/thoughts,ect.Just because paige calls for a object doesnt mean its a disadvantage or weaker then people who dont have to call it just her way of orbing.Plus we dont know how paiges powers were when she was little because her powers were bound and were stronger then.For example pipers powers were stronger when she was 5 then the first 3-4(season 1-4) were they were unbound.when piper was 5 she could freeze just by poundting at the object,while the first 3-4(season 1-4) years she go her powers back she had to panic to use it while when she was little she had more control,same as with prue.So pagie calls for object for objects the first 5(season 4-8) years she got her powers doesnt mean she had to call for objects when she was little she probably could orb people across town like baby chris but her powers were bound.But i think she has more control over orbing while chris has more control of telekinetic orbing and while wyatt has more control of his shield.As seen when she first got her powers she could orb across town like what chris did but paige had her sisters with her.Plus if paige could orb across town when she first got her powers imagine what her powers were before they were bound they were proabably way more powerfull then then like how prue and piper had more control over there powers when they were young.So i stay stay with my theory that chris is not stronger than an average whitelighter-witch hybrid.

You are right, we cant really accurately compare their powers because they all have different ways of using the same power. It seems to me though that you want people to agree with the theory that the spider demon took away some of Chris' powers and I dont think that's true since most of the time when the evil is vanquished the characters return to normal.Kt111 (talk) 00:00, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

Well im staying wiht my theory.As soon with the wizard she absorbed his powers till he had not so if vanquishing the demon would restore it like you say he would be alive.I think that chris powers were weakend as was pipers since she was the only ones charmed one to not learn how to channel her powers differently.Like paige doesnt have to point in the direction she want something to orb as when she used her chin to orb the shillelagh, and prue from her eyes to her hand and phoebe doesnt have to touch to get a premanition.Piper is not the only one to learn how to use her powers without her hand.Her powers did advance but no to the point were she could use her eyes/mind,ect.Chris on the other hand got a bit of his powers and life force/the all and even future chris felt weak and feel. His Powers were not shown to advance like alomost every one else in the show like paige,phoebe,prue,piper,wyatt,ect.And he never displayed a offense power but a weak form of telekinesis not like grams,prue,ect

I know that the novels for some reason aren't canon but Chris did use Electrokinesis in Leo Rising. With the exception of when he orbed Wyatt and Patty over to Victors', he didn't use his powers after season 6 and even then he got by with orbing. Chris has been neglected ever since season 6 so we don't know how the encounter with the spider demon may have effected his powers but I highly doubt it. But he has to be verry powerful in order to have infiltrated the underworld. I think that he used Superstrength a couple of times in season 6- a good example when he and Leo was interrogating a demon by holding him over a cliff with one hand in Crimes And Witch-Demeanors.--Death Eater (talk) 20:48, October 23, 2012 (UTC)

Well it was stated many times that the spider demon absorbs powers and soul.I think the demon took some of his powers and powers can not be remade.Just like with the wizard he should have regoten his powers back when the spider demon died but he didnt which means his powers where taken forever.I think that the spider demon took some of his powers which is why he is not as stronge as his brothers,sisters,or even cousins,Even paiges kids are whitelighter but they both have offensive powers,as do wyatt,and melinda,but not chris.He just desplayed telekinesis(not like prue or grams even though he had more time to learn since he was little while prue had them for three years in her mid 20's.HE also displayed telekinetic orbing.He didnt have his powers since the womb, or have a special birth (since him being the second born charmed ones children) or hasnt desplayed many powers.And the novels do not continued with the charmed ones show though i will like to read some even though i didnt.What happens within the comments?

chris wasn't the only who was attacked by the spider demon so was piper and it didn't have any effect on her powers.

Actually it did as piper had obtain many powers she never out grown her greatest weakness.PAige eventually learn to use her powers without calling,phoebe didnt have to touch things to get a premonition,prue used her hands instead of her eyes,ect. Piper on the other hand can only activate her powers through her hand which serves as a great weakness if her hands are ties,broken,ect, plus piper didnt seem affected like chris which made chris even fall and it didnt really affect piper so i think she took chris powers instead, who is stronger piper while pregnet with chris or with wyatt, cause the spider demon could sence stronge amounts of magic but didnt sence wyatt but she did sence chris?

Piper pregnant with chris vs piper pregnant with wyatt?

Who is more powerful Piper pregnant with chris vs piper pregnant with wyatt because in the episode with the spider demon she has the ability to sence great power and senced chris and piper, but never senced Piper pregnant with wyatt and if wyatt is so powerful i doubt she would just leave him with her crave for hunger.The spider demon love to absorb great power but she never senced Piper pregnant with wyatt even though he is considered so powerful, so does this mean chris and piper are stonger then piper and wyatt because the spidere demon senced chris and piper as great power?

Chris and wyatt move out of the manner?

In the photo where chris and wyatt are making a potion in the future it does not look like they are at the manner is it possible wyatt or chris moved out of the manner when they got older or at one if there cousins house making a potion to vanquash a demon like the twins or prue(phoebes daughter)

Maybe they were at Magic School.Kt111 (talk) 00:10, November 3, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah either at Magic School or they just took the Book to one of their own respective homes or somewhere else. TheFanatic (talk) 03:23, November 3, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah maybe at magic school but it kind of looked like a aparment maybe they were at phoebes house trying to vanquish a demon with there cousins or something like that? i wish they mad a spin of series of when the charmed kids get older and move out and maybe piper,phoebe, paige could be like guest stars like patty(the actress who played her) or grams. Since holly,rose,alison are older now they probably dont want to have time to do another charmed show so its shows the life of the kids and the charmed ones can come as guest and help, ect i really want to see the show from wyatt,Tamora,kat, chris, melinda,Phoeboes kids point of view.

charmed Reunion

I heard that holly wants to do a charmed renuion, she even said bother the cw on twitter to make a charmed reunion, I think holly is the only actress who really loved doing charmed while everyone else probably did it for the money, The Reunion should take place like 10/20 years after the ultimate battle since the actress look older like holly,alsion, and rose (especialy rose after the surgery) and they could have drew,the actor that plays older wyatt,melinda,tamara,kat,ect. I really miss charmed and a reunion is needed even wizards of waverly place got a reunion after a year of the series finaly because of selena begged the producers i think we could make them make a reunion by going on twitter and talking to the cw,rose,alison,ect.wizards of waverly place got a reunion after 1 year while charmed hasnt been on for like 5 or 6 years

Maybe future chris could gain a stronger power

As shown in Forever charmed, when chris and wyatt come from the future chris claims that he was kicking demon ass but then wyatt claimed he kicked demon ass, For wyatt its believeable when he says he kicked demon ass because of al his stronge powers, but chris on the other hand couldnt be able to kick demon ass with telekinesis/telekenetic orbing because both of these powers are not really that Offensive like wyatts powers (energy wave/projection,ect). so chris couldnt be able to kick demon ass like he says if he just has teleketic powers, i think maybe chris will gain a more offensive power like electrokinesis. If chris supposedly kicked demon ass he needs more affensive powers then some telekinetic power.

Ι like the idea iif Chris having a more offensive power.I believe that Paul will give him and Melinda a more offensive power.Electrokinesis seems more suitable for Chris,because of his half-Elder possibility suspicion.Due to Leo being an Elder when he was conceived.Melinda could gain Hydrokinesis. 13:16, November 11, 2012 (UTC)

Prue kicked ass when she was alive and she only had TK as an offensive power so i dont think its necessary. Maybe Chris could use his Photokinesis more offensively like Natalie did while she was training the sisters.Kt111 (talk) 16:27, November 11, 2012 (UTC)

Well prue was able to kick demon ass because she was a full witch and a charmed one, Chris on the other hand is not a charmed one so his telekinesis would be weaker and plus he is half passifist so that also means his powers are weaker then prues. Chris could get electrokinesis in the future since he has it in the novels and leo had it when he was born(elder) even though a elder is a stronger whitelighter, chris's whitelighter side could be stonger then wyatts while wyatts witch side is stronger cause the twiced bleeses,ect. Your right chirs could get a stonger version of Photokinesis then wyatt where he could hit people with the orbs,ect.

In the Past

why could Chris have Powers in season 5 and 6 His Powers should not work like in all halliwell's eve Prue Piper and Phoebe didn't have power because they were not born yet why was it not the same for ChrisLeana Wright 2009 (talk) 20:45, January 10, 2013 (UTC)

I think that was pure speculation although the fact that two couldnt share the power is true. We saw it with the sisters in the 70's and we later saw it with Chris and pregnant Piper. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Chris used a spell/portal to travel to the past and the sisters were set by the Elders. It may also have something to do with the fact that the true originator of their powers/line Melinda Warren hadnt been born yet.Kt111 (talk) 21:08, January 10, 2013 (UTC)

A part of Chris-Crossed:

Chris: And you're sure I won't lose my powers when I go back?

Bianca: Not with this spell, that's why we need it.

The spell did it. Fanycharmed (talk) 21:23, January 10, 2013 (UTC)

Chris weaker than wyatt

I have new and crappy theory about why Chris is weaker than Wyatt. Leo was hit by a Darklighter arrow when Chris was conceived, which is a magical poison which neutralises Whitelighters' and Elders' magic slowly before killing them. That made Leo weaker, and because of that Chris is weaker.Undominanthybrid (talk) 17:40, February 5, 2013 (UTC)

Chris is weaker than Wyatt because Wyatt's the first born. The first born witches are supposed to be the strongest. Besides, we don't know whether Leo was hit by a Darklighter arrow in the dark future, too. Fanycharmed (talk) 18:48, February 5, 2013 (UTC)

Wyatt went evil due to Gideon's attempts. If Leo had not been attacked by the Darklighter, Leo and Piper most probably wouldn't have got those lone moments, and Chris wouldn't have been born.Undominanthybrid (talk) 12:52, February 7, 2013 (UTC)

Based on Gideon's involvement in turning Wyatt evil its possible that in the dark future Chris' conception was the same. Besides its doubtful that Chris knew the how to of his conception beyond the date.Kt111 (talk) 15:48, February 7, 2013 (UTC)

For all we know, Leo was a normal Whitelighter in the dark future, so he would have lots of lone moments with Piper. :-D I personally believe that Leo and Piper conceived Chris sooner in the dark future than in this timeline, seeing Chris almost faded away because it took them so long. Fanycharmed (talk) 18:32, February 7, 2013 (UTC)


Is Chris does   have power Transformation, remember when he turned it baby Wyatt from one  blue card to the double red when playing with his grandfather.  Женёк  21:55, March 28,2013 (RUSS) 

He didn't transform the card, he just orbed the double red card onto the blue card. Fanycharmed (talk) 20:06, March 28, 2013 (UTC)
He orbed one card for the other kind of kike when Paige cheated with the coin toss.Kt111 (talk) 15:18, March 29, 2013 (UTC)
Kt111 in which a series of the show, it was?  Женёк  21:25, March 29,2013 (RUSS)
Paige cheated with the coin in 4x05. Fanycharmed (talk) 17:36, March 29, 2013 (UTC)
She was arguing with Piper. That just goes to show how versatile TK Orbing/Remote Orbing is. Kt111 (talk) 00:14, March 30, 2013 (UTC) 


Why Chris did not have the power of healing? He is a halfWhitelighter? And everything including Wyatt and Paige could heal. Женёк 12:00,  24 April.

I don't think Chris was as in touch with his whitelighter-side as Paige later came to be. He'd probably develop those powers later, if/when he started to get more into whitelighter-ing. 00:56, September 15, 2014 (UTC)Logan

Engagement ring

Tell me, I think that one ring that Chris gave Bianca is very similar to the Patty's ring?? If this is not the same ring! 0_o ---Мидейла 23:30, July 7, 2013 (UTC)

Similar but definatley not the same, Patty's has the indents and edges around the diamond whereas Chris' is smooth up to the diamond. --KhanWiz - Guardian ~ (talk) ~ (email) KhanWoodmark 18:50, July 7, 2013 (UTC)

Born in Orbs?

Was Chris born in orbs like Wyatt? Is that a thing happens with all whitelighter-witch babies? 00:53, September 15, 2014 (UTC)Logan

No, Chris wasn't born in Orbs, it is not a thing that happens with all whitelighter-witch babies? Only reason Wyatt was born with Orbs was soley because of a prophecy predicting the arrival of a twice-blessed child. Otherwise, there is nothing more special about other whitelighter-witch babies, they are just like any another babies being born. Dragonfly82 (talk) 13:47, September 15, 2014 (UTC)


Im rewatching it and wants to skip a few episodes. anyone can give me link or tell me the appearances drew fuller was in? from season 7* onwards.. i only remembered last ep of season 8 Bluegal01 (talk) 13:24, August 10, 2017 (UTC)

Crabby Chris

I'm re-watching Season 6, well, TRYING to. Man, Chris is SO crabby and hot-headed that it's making it difficult for me to even get through an episode with him in it. Anyone else notice this?? UGH. He's so annoying. QueenBuffyHeart sig 16:32, August 9, 2018 (UTC)