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Tai's Minions
Character Information
Birthplace Underworld
Birth date unknown
Species Demon
Status Deceased


Notable powers

Tai's Minions possessed the powers of:

Portrayed by


Tai's Minions were followers of Tai, a powerful upper-level demon. They possessed minimal powers and were low level demons, before being vanquished by Billie Jenkins who was under the influence of The Belt of Gaea. They feared Tai and Tai only. They helped him rule over Zira and believed there was no battle between Male and Female, only Good and Evil. Zira saw that differently and thought there was no battle between Good and Evil, and only Male and Female.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Appearances Edit

Tai's Minions appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series

Season 8
Battle of the Hexes

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