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Dark Brown

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Desperate Housewitches

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Alana de la Garza


Sylvia is a mortal woman and the ex-girlfriend of Dex Lawson.


At some point in time, Sylvia dated Dex Lawson, though the relationship ended. Although the exact reasons were unknown, Dex mentioned that they broke up because she 'lied a lot'.

Shortly after Phoebe Halliwell started dating Dex under the alias of Julie Bennett, her sister Paige saw him meeting Sylvia and kissing her. Already concerned about their relationship, Paige immediately suspected that Dex was cheating on Phoebe. She then confronted Sylvia, who mentioned that they had broken up, but mentioned they were having "break-up sex".

Paige then glamoured into Sylvia and went to Dex to test his loyalty to Phoebe. Dex then admitted that he had not slept with 'her' in two months, before he started dating Phoebe. At that moment, Phoebe entered the loft and Paige almost accidentally exposed them both.

Phoebe later confronted Paige at the manor and she admitted it was her. However, the discussion was interrupted by Piper as Wyatt had been kidnapped. Dex later apologized for 'Sylvia' and Phoebe made up with her sister. He also decided to cut ties with her.



Sylvia appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

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