Power Information

Summons another being to one's presence


Spell, potion or through an active power




Supportive Power


Summoning is the ability to draw or transport a being or objects to the user's presence no matter where they are. Summoning can be an active power or be achieved through casting a spell or through potions.

List of beings who use(d) SummoningEdit

Original power

Through spells, powers, potions etc.

Notes and TriviaEdit


The sisters summoning through a spell.

  • Powerful beings such as Belthazor can resist being summoned. ("Look Who's Barking")
  • Certain entities seem to have the ability to intercept the summons of others as Krell did hunting for the fugitive Belthazor. When Piper and Prue attempted to call Belthazor with the intention of vanquishing him, Krell appeared instead hoping to catch Belthazor himself ("Sleuthing with the Enemy").
  • In "Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 1", Phoebe Halliwell summoned a Trok Demon by focusing on him. It is never explained how or why she was capable of doing this, and this is the only time she did such a thing.

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