Strangulation Arnon
Power Information

The ability to strangle a victim with a ball of light




Offensive Power


Strangulation is the ability to strangle victims by conjuring a ball of light in their throats to suffocate them. This power was only shown used by the demon Arnon. He used this power to threaten the young witch Kevin into working for him and grant him more power.

Simulating StrangulationEdit

The effects and result of Strangulation may also achieved through other powers.


Users of Telekinesis may use their power to strangle a victim by surrounding their throat with telekinetic force. This aspect of Telekinesis was seen when evil Wyatt tried to strangle his brother Chris.[1]

Aura ChokingEdit

This is the primary power of the Grimlocks, who strangle their victims with their own aura. The Grimlocks seek out those who possess a good aura and kill them with this power.[2]

Energy MagicEdit

Users of Energy Magic may form an energy ring around their victim's neck to strangle them. A Rat Demon used this ability on Glen when the Charmed Ones were after him.[3]

Super StrengthEdit

The reptile demon Saleel used his Super Strength to kill his victims, choking them and causing their bodies to explode.[4]


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