Stephen and Annette
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2002; Halliwell Manor

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Demonic Bounty Hunters


The Underworld


Whoever hires them to collect a bounty

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Lost and Bound

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Stephen and Annette were a pair of Demonic Bounty Hunters. In order to collect a bounty, they posed as the foster parents of Tyler Michaels, a young Firestarter.


When Tyler was coming into his powers, Stephen and Annette prepared to send him to the demonic academy of Ludlow, where he would be trained as a bodyguard for the Source of All Evil. However, Tyler ran away and was later brought to South Bay Social Services, where he met Paige Matthews.

When Paige realized that Tyler was magical, she brought him to the manor. Stephen and Annette later tracked Tyler after he used his powers. The two hunters confronted the Charmed Ones and tried to reclaim their bounty, causing Tyler to become upset and vanquish them by setting them on fire.

Piper and Leo later took their place and delivered Tyler to Ludlow in order to vanquish him. Although the plan failed, the sisters eventually managed to break into the academy and vanquished the demon.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Glistening: The ability to teleport through light, leaving a glistening contour of the body for a moment.
  • Energy Balls: The ability to throw balls of energy that resemble electrical discharges.
  • Super Strength: The power of having magically augmented physical strength and stamina.
  • Sensing: The ability to sense the location of other beings.



Stephen and Annette appeared in a total of 1 episodes throughout the series