Phoebe Stake
Object Information

Stabbing vampires in the heart


Phoebe Halliwell


A Stake is a strong wooden or metal post with a point at one end. It is an essential tool for vanquishing vampires.


When Paige became a vampire, Phoebe searched the house for tools that she and Piper could use to fight off Paige and other vampire. Among these items were a series of stakes though only one was used.[1]


One of the most common ways to vanquish a vampire, is to stab it through the heart with a stake. Phoebe Halliwell once fought a vampire, Rowan. During this battle she managed to pin him down. She immediately tried to stake him in the heart, however he was almost able to hold Phoebe off with his enhanced strength but after a few moments she successfully forced the stake into his heart, destroying Rowan.


  1. As seen in "Bite Me"

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