Spirit of the Wolf
On sacred land, unholy beings rise…
Novel Information
Written by

Diana G. Gallagher

Published by

Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)

ISBN Number

0-743-43040-9 / 9780743430401


Season 4

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Spirit of the Wolf is the 12th novel of the Charmed novels and is written by Diana G. Gallagher.

This novel takes place during the summer, between Season 4 Episode 6 "A Knight to Remember" and Season 4 Episode 8 "Black as Cole" as Paige has moved into the manor, but Cole still has his demonic powers.


In the untouched forests,
A magic beast appears.
A savior of the land—
Or symbol of deepest fears!

At a remote resort in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a tree bursts into flames, an animal skull oozes blood, and a wolf threatens to attack, then vanishes like a ghost. The police suspect a nearly extinct Native American group that was forced off the resort's land long ago. Others blame the owners of the resort for defiling sacred tribal lands.

Phoebe and Paige arrive for a pre-opening weekend and some sisterly bonding, but are soon drawn into danger by incidents both natural and unnatural. A powerful shaman holds the key to the mystery with his secret knowledge—knowledge that is shared with the wolf haunting the land. The sisters call upon Piper, Leo, and Cole for guidance—and summon all their powers to confront a demon as cunning as any they have ever encountered!




  • Darryl Morris: Inspector at San Francisco Police Department. He is aware of the sisters' secret.
  • Ben Waters: Princeton law school graduate and of Sinoyat descent. Works for Sierra Sojourn as a maintenance man, trail guide, and bus driver. He is hoping to become a trial lawyer for his people. Innocent.
  • Glooscap: Algonquaian legendary figure, who was both a shaman and sachem, who established the rules for the natural order of the world. Has a brother who is a wolf spirit.
  • Spirit Wolf: A spirit animal who is also Glooscap's brother. Has appeared to Maude, Phoebe and Paige.
  • Formless Demon: The formless, nameless figure possessing DeLancey to lay claim on Glooscap's tribal lands. Glooscap banished this demon from his territory long ago. He was accidentally vanquished by Q'hal when a stray attack struck him.
  • Q'hal: Bounty hunter with powers of Pyrokinesis, and Electrokinesis. The demon is hairless, with slimy green mottled skin, and yellow eyes, with a powerful stench that demons cannot smell.
  • Mitch Rawlings: Investigative reporter. Writes for National Weekly about political corruption. Handsome, with a mop of sandy blond hair. Shows interest in Phoebe.
  • Angie Swanson: Reporter sent by 415 Magazine to work with Phoebe and Paige on the Sierra Sojourn assignment. Specializes in physical fitness and occasionally writes articles about unusual vacations. Mentioned to be very tall, very thin, with too much shocking red hair and freckles.
  • John Hawk: Elderly chief of the Native American tribe: the Sinoyat. He is completely against Vista Corportation's plan to expand his tribe's lands on Sierra Sojourn. Unfortunately, he lacks the paperwork to prove his tribe's ownership. Owns Hawk's General Store and Gas on the outskirt of Lone Pine River.
  • Carlos Martinez: General manager of the resort. A small wiry man with curly black hair. An expert woodsman with a national reputation and a master's degree in business administration. He is intent on following through Vista's plans for expanding the resort.
  • William DeLancey: CEO of Vista Recreation Incorporated.
  • Gloria Stark: Tagged along with her father to the resort. Seems to have fear of wilderness and a crush on Jeremy Fenton. Has brown hair.
  • David Stark Bearded reporter for a Los Angeles newspaper. Said to be in his forties, with a scar on his left cheek. He spent very little time with his daughter throughout her childhood due to his adventures, and insisted on taking her to the resort for bonding time.
  • Maude Billie: 54-year-old with graying brown hair. Never married. Used to work as a professional cook in diners and country clubs before becoming head chef of at the Sierra Sojourn resort.


  • Jeremy Fenton: The Vista Recreation public relations rep and tour guide. Noted to be slim, cocky, and in his late 20s with perfect hair.
  • Sheriff Jefford: Lone Pine River local sheriff, who has reservations about the Sinoyat.
  • Ms. Olson: DeLancey's assistant.
  • Steven Casey: Reporter. A heavy-set, clean-cut man in his mid-30s. Staff writer for Outdoor.
  • Jan and Dona Mueller: Twins. College students who are working as housekeepers for the summer. Have long dark hair.
  • Doris Cirelli: Head housekeeper and resident nurse of Sierra Sojourn resort. A stickler for rules and details, Doris is responsible for the infirmary, community lavatories, and laundry. Wears wire-rimmed glasses on her narrow nose.
  • Howard and Tracy Charles: British reporters. Married to each other.
  • Sally and Jim Orlando: Hosts of a cable TV travel show. They are part of the group of reporters at the resort.
  • Brandon Lane: A syndicated columnist from upstate New York. Got a cut over his eye when the bus he rode on got caught in a dangerous storm that nearly killed everyone while crossing a bridge.
  • Sonja and Kyle Larson: A married couple. Sonja is 25 years old, soft-spoken, and petite with short, blond hair and blue eyes; Kyle is 32-year-old, with boyish good looks and a perpetual grin. Sonja works as the dining room supervisor while Kyle works as a baker and assistant chef at the Sierra Sojourn resort.
  • Harley Smith: The middle-aged head guide and survival expert, with a lean body and military-style buzz hair cut.
  • Hans Gruber: A German journalist and one of the campers.


  • Gil Corso: Prue's old boss at 415 Magazine. He gives Phoebe an assignment to take photos at the Sierra Sojourn.
  • Prue Halliwell: The recently-deceased Charmed One and oldest Halliwell sister. She had the powers of Telekinesis and Astral Projection. She was killed while trying to protect a doctor from the demon Shax.
  • The Source of All Evil: The ruler of the Underworld. He is the sisters' greatest threat.
  • Matt: A police officer who wanted root beer, but the deliverer opts to give him orange juice instead since there was no root beer.
  • Judge Stanford: The judge who grants Darryl a search warrant to Vista Recreation.
  • Chief Running Wolf: The Sinoyat chief in 1880. He tried to lead a rebellion against the government for driving them out of their home, and the tribe was exiled to Kansas in the process.

Magical Notes

Book of Shadows

Unveiling Spell

Pages buried 'neath a veil
Imposed by unknown foes to seal,
The ancient text I wish to see
Begone the veil's obscurity.


According to the page in the Book of Shadows, Glooscap is the guardian of Native American mysteries and secrets. Though good in essence, he follows his own rules. His power exceeds the Power of Three.


To Vanquish Q'hal

Power of Three spell that requires a potion after chanting
Demon hunter on the prowl, concealed with no restraints,
Condemned, this scourge of death so foul, erased, its putrid faint.



Notes and Trivia

  • This is the first original story book with Paige.
  • Piper and Leo's delayed honeymoon was mentioned.
  • Phoebe's hate toward camping was mentioned.
  • The timeline is mentioned to be June.


  • Piper said that it was the first time she has seen Ben, when she must have seen him earlier when he became frozen while Phoebe was with the wolf.

International Titles

  • French: La ceinture sacrée (The Sacred Belt)
  • Spanish (Spain): El espiritu del lobo (The Spirit of the Wolf)
  • Russian: Duh volka (Spirit of the Wolf)
  • Dutch: Geest van de wolf (Spirit of the Wolf)