Spirit Writing
Spirit Writing
Power Information

The ability to write from the afterlife through the use of orbs




Supportive Power


Spirit Writing is the ability to magically write messages on from the afterlife through the use of orbs. When used, orbs sparkle over the space of a page, leaving behind a printed text. This ability is possessed by the spirits of magical witches.[1] Penny and Patty Halliwell have both used this ability to write messages to the Charmed Ones on several occasions.


  • Patty wrote a message to Prue to thank her for letting her sisters into her heart.[2]
  • Penny wrote a message to her granddaughters to congratulate them on their anniversary as witches.[3]
  • Patty wrote a message in a baby book Piper was creating for her first child.[4]

List of UsersEdit



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