Spirit Banishing Potion
Potion Information

Richard Montana


A potion that expels spirits possessing the living


Good Magic


The Spirit Banishing Potion was found in a book once owned by Benjamin Montana. The potion causes a spirit, possessing a living person, to be expelled from the body. The ingredients needed to create this potion are unknown, however, when finished, the potion looks an Egyptian blue color.



Mata Hari expelled from Phoebe.

When Richard wanted to cleanse his karma, he unknowingly made it possible for the spirit of Mata Hari to possess Phoebe Halliwell. To undo what he had caused, Richard went to his brother and borrowed their father's potion book. He brewed the potion and gave it to Jason Dean.

When a possessed Phoebe then kidnapped Jason to the Underworld to let the Swarm Demons kill him, Jason threw the potion at her feet which caused Mata Hari's spirit to be expelled from her body and flow back into the æther.'[1]