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Spider demon's lair

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Spider Demon's lair
Spider demon's lair
Location information

Hidden in a forest


The lair of the Spider demon, where she fed on her victims

"An evil creature that emerges from its hidden lair every hundred years to capture and feed on the most powerful magical being it can detect."
— The lair being mentioned in the Spider demon's Book of Shadows entry.[src]

This hidden cave was used as a lair by a the Spider demon. She would remain here for a hundred years while feeding on her victim before hunting down new prey.

It was here that she killed the wizard Rathmere and where she brought Piper Halliwell after trapping her inside a cocoon. The Spider demon was eventually vanquished at her lair when Phoebe and Paige arrived with several magical beings, including an Ogre, who vanquished her by stepping on her while in spider form.[1]


  • This lair was one of the few demonic bases that was not in the Underworld.
  • This location looks similar to the vampires' cave seen in "Bite Me".

References Edit

  1. As seen in "Spin City".

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