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All spells from season 8. These include spells cast by demons and spells that weren't cast but are in the Book of Shadows.

Still Charmed and Kicking

To Change One's Appearance

I call upon the ancient powers,
To mask us now and in future hours.
Hide us well and thoroughly,
But not from those we call family.

Malice in Wonderland

  • None

Run, Piper, Run

  • None

Desperate Housewitches

To Summon The Source

We call to you that away was torn,
Return, Master of all Evil born!


To Make A Lover's Dream Come True

Hear these words, hear my rhyme
Bless these two in this time.
Bring them both into the fold
Help them now cross love's threshold.

To Vanquish Antosis

Hear us now, the witches call,
he who makes samaritans fall.
We speak as one the sisters three,
and banish you to eternity!

To Restore One's Appearance

I call upon the ancient powers,
to unmask us now and in future hours.
Show us well and thoroughly,
reveal ourselves, so the world can see.

Sleep Spell

Poppy, Yar, and Brisbane steep,
to make a potion for potent sleep.

Kill Billie Vol. 1

To Erase Painful Memories

After this cruel memory
is seen and said
Erase these thoughts
from my
heart and my head.

The Lost Picture Show

  • None

Battle of the Hexes

To Summon Billie

  • This spell is actually to call a witch's powers.
Power of the witches rise,
Course unseen across the skies,
Come to us who call you near,
Come to us and settle here.

To Remove the Golden Belt of Gaea

For all the world to work as one,
In harmony it must be undone.

Hulkus Pocus

  • None

Vaya Con Leos

To Hide Someone from the Angel of Death

Hide him from sight,
So I might fight,
Ignore which leaves bereft,
My husband from the Angel of Death.
  • My Husband can be replaced by name.

To Summon the Angel of Destiny

  • Power of Three spell.
Power of Three,
we summon thee.
And call to us,
the Angel of Destiny.

Mr. & Mrs. Witch

  • None

Payback's a Witch

To Make a Teddy Bear Talk

Little boy's bear,
show me how you care.
Tell me how you'd feel,
if you were real.

Repo Manor

To Exchange Bodies

What theirs is yours
What yours is theirs,
I offer up this gift to share
Switch the bodies through the air.

12 Angry Zen

  • None

The Last Temptation of Christy

  • None

Engaged and Confused

  • None

Generation Hex

To Banish a Demon to the Astral Plane

  • Requires a potion for the spell to work.
Demon of fire, Demon of pain,
I banish you to the Astral Plane.
Used to banish the Noxon Demons.

The Torn Identity

To Find a Demon in Hiding

  • Power of Three spell.
Ancient powers, we summon thee
We, the Power of Three
And seek your help in finding
The demon who is in hiding
Used to find Pator, one of the Noxons.

The Jung and the Restless

  • None

Gone with the Witches

To Reveal the Unseen

Go n-éirí an bóthar laet,
Let luck reveal what can't been seen!

Kill Billie Vol. 2

Spell to Summon the Hollow

  • Power of Three spell.
Nos dico super inconcessus,
vox Bonus quod Malum.
Ultirusque a profugus,
Addo is Hic, Addo is Iam.

Forever Charmed

To Return the Hollow

  • Power of Three spell.
Iam Is Addo,
Hic Is Addo
Malum Quod Bonus,
Vox In Conssesus,
Super Dico Nos

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