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Image Episode Episode Name Spells
CallaLostWitch 4x01 Charmed Again, Part 1
EnchantmentBOS 4x02 Charmed Again, Part 2
Instant Karma 4x03 Hell Hath No Fury
NoSpells 4x04 Enter the Demon
  • None
4x05 Size Matters
ToCallaLovertoOneself 4x06 A Knight to Remember
Mindlinkspell 4x07 Brain Drain
NoSpells 4x08 Black as Cole
  • None
PhoebeMakesMuseVisible 4x08 Muse to My Ears
NoSpells 4x10 A Paige from the Past
  • None
To Stretch the Imagination 4x11 Trial by Magic
LudlowFire 4x12 Lost and Bound
ToCallAWitch'sPower 4x13 Charmed and Dangerous
Kurzonvanq 4x14 The Three Faces of Phoebe
VanishingSpell1 4x15 Marry-Go-Round
NoSpells 4x16 The Fifth Halliwheel
  • None
NoSpells 4x17 Saving Private Leo
Harpier 4x18 Bite Me
NoSpells 4x19 We're Off to See the Wizard
  • None
ToCallUponOurAncestors 4x20 Long Live the Queen
StealABabySpell 4x21 Womb Raider
FindBos 4x22 Witch Way Now?

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