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Image Episode Episode Name Spells
Invokingpowerof3 2x01 Witch Trial
ToMoveAheadInTime 2x02 Morality Bites
2x03-smart-spell-02 2x03 The Painted World
NoSpells 2x04 The Devil's Music
  • None
2x05-bos-to-attract-and-destroy-the-succubus-02 2x05 She's a Man, Baby, a Man!
TuathaBook 2x06 That Old Black Magic
Hear Secret-Thoughts1 2x07 They're Everywhere
NoSpells 2x08 P3 H2O
  • None
Marcy'sProtectionSpell 2x09 Ms. Hellfire
NoSpells 2x10 Heartbreak City
  • None
NoSpells 2x11 Reckless Abandon
  • None
ReverseAwakeningSpell 2x12 Awakened
CreateAMateSpellbook 2x13 Animal Pragmatism
Pastlife 2x14 Pardon My Past
Give Me A Sign Spell1 2x15 Give Me a Sign
Prue'sGoodLuckSpell 2x16 Murphy's Luck
SeparateWitchPowers2 2x17 How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans
DemonOfIllusion 2x18 Chick Flick
LibrisBOS1 2x19 Ex Libris
NoSpells 2x20 Astral Monkey
  • None
2x21-PrueWarPortal 2x21 Apocalypse, Not
WarlockSpell 2x21 Be Careful What You Witch For

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