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Spell Nullification
Power Information

Allows the user to instantly reverse spells


Hold hands over page of spell


Supportive Power


Spell Nullification is the ability to undo the effects of spells simply by holding one's hands over the page that the spell came from.


The only two beings who were shown possessing this power were Leo Wyatt and his son Wyatt Halliwell. Leo used this ability to undo the power relinquishing spell in "Wicca Envy", restoring the sisters’ powers and the text in the Book of Shadows. Years later, Wyatt used this ability in a similar manner in "Piper's Place". When a Charm of Multiplicity spiraled out of control and endangered his mother’s life, Wyatt undid the spell by holding his hands over the page.

List of UsersEdit


  • The effects of this power are very similar to the power of Healing. In the past, Leo has also been shown to heal objects, indicating that this power may be another extension of Healing.

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