Image Episode Episode Name Spells
Revealing-spell 10x01 No Country for Old Ones
  • Paige's Revealing Spell
  • To Vanquish Gaxageal
Murray-spell 10x02 Magically Malicious
  • Murray's Spell
Reverse-self-spell 10x03 The Perks of Being a Whitelighter
  • To Reverse the True Self Spell
To-rest-spell 10x04 Charmed Assault
  • To Raise the Dead
  • To Put the Dead to Rest
Depowering-spell 10x05 Whatever Happened to the Demon with a Soul?
  • Depowering Spell
NoSpells 10x06 Will o' the Witch
  • None
Gaxageal-spell 10x07 Hard Knox Life
  • To resurrect Gaxageal
NoSpells 10x08 Love is a Burning Thing
  • None
Summoning-spell-comics 10x09 Haste Makes Wasteland
  • To Summon Kyra
10x10 The Curious Case of Benjamin Turner
  • To Bring Kyra to the Present
10x11 Fear Always Comes Back
  • None
10x12 Virtue
  • None
10x13 Court of Love
  • None
10x14 The Four Sisters, Part 1
10x15 The Four Sisters, Part 2
  • Reveal Your True Self
10x16 Happy Ending
  • None
10x17 Effigy
  • None
10x18 Tribunal and Tribulations
  • To Reveal a Transpiration in the Form of Hologram
10x19 Something Old, Something Prue
  • To Summon Patience's Spirit
10x20 The Reason

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