A bar located in the Halliwell Manor that served alcohol in the 1920's


P. Baxter


San Francisco


The Speakeasy was located in the Halliwell Manor when the cousins P. Baxter, P. Bowen and P. Russell lived there.

The speakeasy was opened when the United States banned the sale, manufacture, and consumption of alcohol in the 1920s. In this time, speakeasies were a place consumers could go to drink alcohol.


In the late 1920s, the speakeasy was ran by P. Baxter and her husband Gordon Johnson. Her cousin P. Bowen was a successful photographer operating out of the manor while their other cousin, P. Russell, worked there as a fortune teller and potion maker for the customers.

At one point in time, P. Russell fell in love with a warlock named Anton and together, they planned to kill her cousins so Anton could obtain their powers. However, her cousins had noticed she had been seduced by evil and planned to kill Russell before she and her lover could attack. When Anton attacked the speakeasy, the cousins pinned down Russell and strangled her while placing a curse on her that would condemn her future lives as well, as they feared Russell and Anton reuniting in the future.

These events were witnessed by Christina Larson, a young girl whose father worked in the speakeasy as a bartender. The Charmed Ones also witnessed these events as Phoebe Halliwell relived her past life as P. Russell to break the curse.[1]


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