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Soul Traders are demons that prey on the souls of mortals and other magical beings. They lure their intended victims with promises of riches, fame or power in return for their eternal souls. These deals are often closed with Faustian Deals.

While having the same Modus Operandi, each Soul Trader is specific in the types of souls they collect. The demon Masselin required innocent souls, while the demon Sargon preyed on sinful souls. Soul Traders often feed on the souls they collect or trade them for powers.

Known Soul TradersEdit


Main article: Masselin

Masselin was a demonic Soul Trader that assisted mortals in accomplishing their goals and taking their and others' souls as payment. The souls he devoured remained alive inside Masselin, further increasing their suffering.


Main article: Zahn

Zahn was a demonic Soul Trader who was initially a low-level demon. However, due to trading souls for powers, he had become a powerful upper-level demon. He was also known as an expert on Demonic Law.


The Sargon Entry
Main article: Sargon

Sargon was a demonic Soul Trader, who thrived off of the pain and prolonged suffering of spirits trapped in time loops. He made deals with sinful mortals in order to create these time loops.

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