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Demonic Sorcerer



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Monkey Totem

"In the late 15th century, Sorcerer Kheel created a sense stealing monkey to assist him in defeating his enemies."
—Sorcerer Kheel mentioned in the Book of Shadows entry on the Monkey Totem.[src]

Kheel's monkey.

Sorcerer Kheel was a powerful demonic sorcerer. In the late 15th century, he conjured a monkey capable of stealing senses in order to defeat his enemies. However, Kheel was a cruel master and the monkey betrayed him by stealing his voice, and was consequently cursed into a totem. What happened to Kheel afterwards is unknown, but the Monkey Totem later came into the hands of the Crone and was used against the Charmed Ones. Kheel was mentioned in the Book of Shadows entry on the monkey[1].

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  1. As mentioned in "Sense and Sense Ability"

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