Something Wiccan This Way Comes
Book 17 - Something Wiccan This Way Comes
The search for the source of their power may be the cause of their destruction…
Novel Information
Written by

Emma Harrison

Published by

Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)

ISBN Number

0-7434-6248-3 / 9780743462488


Season 4

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Shadow of the Sphinx


Mist and Stone


Something Wiccan This Way Comes (not to be confused with the episode of a similar name) is the 17th book of the Charmed novels.


Sister Wiccas gather around.
By our power we are bound.
Hand in hand and heart to heart,
force all evil to depart!

Paige Matthews is new to the whole "Power of Three" thing, and looking to explore her powers. So when she reads of a Wiccan convention taking place just outside of Las Vegas, she thinks it's a great opportunity for her and for her sisters to learn more about their witchy ways. Though the girls are all over saving innocents they aren't that heavy into Wicca practices, and Paige thinks the retreat could be enlightening.

Piper and Phoebe, however, aren't so sure. They're certain that while they spend their days battling honest-to-badness black magic, their so-called supernatural sisters will be nothing more than a bunch of blessed wanna-bes. Sppm. though, they hear of a rash of murders committed against practicing Wiccans, and making an appearance at the convention becomes top priority. But as they head for the desert campgrounds, are the Charmed Ones headed straight for disaster?




  • Darryl Morris: Police inspector at San Francisco Police Department. He is aware of the sisters' secret.
  • Anubi: Demi-gods. They fed off witches' blood to sustain themselves, and were blamed for the kidnappings.
  • Christian: High priest of his coven, and the Conners sisters' ally.
  • Taryn Conners: One of the evil Conners sisters, who planned to steal other witches' powers. She and Tessa posed as innocent girls who had lost their sister. Taryn had the power of Flight.
  • Tessa Conners: One of the evil Conners sisters, who planned to steal other witches' powers. She and Taryn posed as innocent girls who had lost their sister. Tessa had the power of Invisibility.
  • Tina Conners: The youngest Conners sister, who planned to steal other witches' powers. She only appeared at the end of the book. Tina had the power of Telekinesis.
  • Craig: Tina's ex-boyfriend and a victim. Co-high priest of Christian's coven.
  • Marcia Farina: Coordinator of the Gathering of the Covens.
  • Jasmine Black: High Priestess of her coven, but only pretends to have magic.


  • Keisha: High Priestess of her coven. She is mentioned to have the power of X-Ray Vision. She was kidnapped by the Conners' coven.
  • Samson: An African-American witch, and High Priest of his coven who houses most of his members in his home. He has the power of Aura Manipulation, able to see and cleanse them on people. He was kidnapped by the Conners' coven.
  • Clarissa: High Priestess of her coven. She has the power of Premonition; able to see the last person who touched the object she is touching. She was kidnapped by the Conners' coven.
  • Elijah Baker: Samson's coven member.
  • Damon: African-American member of Christian's coven.
  • Missy Stark: A witch and Clarissa's friend.
  • Ryan Treetop: Owner of Tumbleweed Campground.
  • Chloe: Also known as Purple Hair Girl. Member of Jasmine's coven.
  • Annie: Has long hair. Member of Jasmine's coven.
  • Jesse: Follower. Member of Jasmine's coven.
  • Beer Gut: Member of Christian's coven.


  • Theo: Clarissa's ex-boyfriend, now backpacking through Europe.
  • Anubis: Egyptian god, former master of the Anubi. He banished them and cursed them with mortality as punishment for betrayal.

Magical Notes

Book of Shadows


The first records of the Anubi originated in ancient Egypt in the Nile Delta. They were demigods, followers of the god Anubis, who decided the fate of the soul upon death. After betraying Anubis, the Anubis were cast off to live a mortal life and to die a mortal death.
Decades after their banishment, as the Anubi began to grow weak, they went to a witch to demand a spell that would return them to demigods before their imminent death. When the witch couldn't help them, they killed her and drank her blood. It is in this way they discovered that they gained strength from the blood of witches. That they could, in fact, live forever off their blood.
They drain the blood and keep it in canisters to be stored and used later. They need to drink only a bit at a time, but apparently they're plan-for-the-future demons.
They can vanquished with a simple Power of Three spell.


Protection Circle

Place one crystal in each direction around the intended space, then chant the following:
Through this circle the Charmed Ones cast,
Let no one beyond our trust pass.

Fake Voodoo Spell

A strand of target's hair wrapped around a voodoo doll's neck.
With my word this doll becomes my instrument.
Give me the power to work my magic on she whose hair here lies.
After the chant, place on finger on the doll.



Notes and Trivia

Glitches and Bloopers

  • This novel is difficult to place in the Charmed series timeline because Paige states that Phoebe has already started working at The Bay Mirror, but Phoebe says she is still engaged. This creates a problem because she started working as the advice columnist in the episode after she got married (Marry-Go-Round).
  • Paige was a social worker in this book. However, she was mostly working as social assistant throughout the year, and only got promoted twice, one of which she declined due to having resorted to magic and caused someone else to get passed over for it; and the second time, she decided to quit her job to focus more on witchcraft.
  • Paige has mastered her power of orbing and can orb from one place to another. She didn't learn to do so until in "The Three Faces of Phoebe", after they vanquished the first Source.
  • Darryl's name was mispelled as "Daryl".
  • Tumbleweed Camp is actually located in Los Angeles.

International Titles

  • French: l'enlevement des sorciers (The Enlivening of the Sorcerers)
  • Spanish (Spain): Algo mágico (Something/Somewhat Magical)